Sonogram bill coming up for a vote

Sen. Dan Patrick’s “I know what’s best for you ladies” sonogram bill SB16 is on the schedule for today. I had previously expressed pessimism that there was anything to be done to prevent its passage based on the expected support of Democratic Sens. Lucio and Zaffirini, but it has since occurred to me that Sen. Jeff Wentworth, who has a pro-choice history, is not a guaranteed vote to allow it to come to the floor. If that’s so, then if the rest of the Democratic Senate caucus sticks together, this can be blocked. That would require Sen. Carlos Uresti, who is currently playing it coy, to do the right thing. If you’re a constituent of Sen. Uresti’s, this morning would be a good time to give his office a call at (512) 463-0119 and ask him to please vote against SB16. In a year where Democratic values and women’s rights are under unprecedented assault from an increasingly radicalized Republican Party, that vote really matters.

UPDATE: The bill passed the Senate, with Uresti voting to suspend the rules after getting a minor amendment passed. I’m not happy about this.

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  1. texaschick says:

    Texas law requires that a minor must obtain parental consent to obtain an abortion but no parental consent is required for a minor to give the baby up for adoption. Amazing!

    I’m not happy about this either. Have you seen this?

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