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The perils of being a single-issue voter

A new voice is heard against the “sanctuary cities” bill.

Several Hispanic, conservative evangelical pastors from around the state spoke out in opposition of the bill.

One of them, Gilberto Avila, a pastor from Tyler, testified against the measure on behalf of his conservative Restoration Christian Center and a group of 30 other Texas pastors who preach about socially conservative values.

Avila said he and the people he represent usually vote solely for pro-life candidates. But the measures before the committee have made him and others re-evaluate that stance, he said.

“We need to think more globally,” he said. “I think the way we’re going is really wrong for the state, and that is the sentiment that’s growing in our Latino community.”

He said the bills being discussed in the Legislature would amount to a “death sentence” for assimilated undocumented immigrants who would be deported. Once back in Mexico, they likely would be targeted, he said.

“If you’re pro-life, you have to be all the way,” Avila said.

You mean there’s more to being “pro-life” than just making abortion super duper illegal? I never would have imagined that. Just out of curiosity, does that extend to the death penalty, too?

Snark aside, I’m glad to see this even if their threats of electoral retribution turn out to be as empty as those of the other groups that have been completely ineffectual at steering the GOP away from this destructive course. Ultimately, if there are enough voices saying the same thing, the system will follow. It’ll take less time if people lose elections over it, though. I hope they keep that in mind. The “sanctuary cities” bill is still in committee but may be voted out today. Some changes to ICE policy have complicated things a bit, and now the decision on whether to advance the bill in the House has been put off till Monday, meaning it might fail to beat the end of the session on Wednesday. Would Rick Perry add this to the call of another special session if there is one due to windstorm insurance failure? I don’t see how he changes paths now, but you never know. EoW, who found another story on this topic, has more.

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