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Interview with Fernando Herrera

Fernando Herrera

For what I really do think will be my final interview with a candidate for municipal office, I bring you Fernando Herrera, who was the first declared opponent for Mayor Annise Parker. Herrera is a Deputy Chief with the Houston Fire Department, having graduated the Fire Academy in 1981. He is also a businessman, the Vice President of the Cottage Grove Civic Association, and was the Republican candidate for HD148 in 2010. Here’s the interview:

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You can find a list of all interviews for this cycle, plus other related information, on my 2011 Elections page.

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  1. Concerned says:

    This may be the biggest upset of Houston history if Mr. Herrera’s base comes out to vote. Still a long shot, but I wouldnt sleep on this one. Its hard to see Parker going to a runoff, but if she does, it will be with him.

  2. CoH Employee says:

    First time listener. Found Kuff’s questions fair, accurate, and to the point; he is very well informed. I especially liked many of Herrera’s answers, recommendations, and solutions. Especially noteworthy was “ask the City employees, the resident duty experts”. I have personnally managed and supervised hundreds of City employees who repeatedly have brought great ideas to the table which would have resulted in millions of dollars being saved. I have witnesed many projects awarded to sub-standard vendors due to the MWBE process. Many of these projects had to be re-worked or vacated due to sub-standard work. We need vendors/contractors with PROVEN capabilities which should include the PROVEN MWBE vendors. Herrera mentioned the new 700-800 MHz communications system exceeding $120,000,000.00. This system is being built and the P25 phase 2 “TDMA” standards have yet to be approved. That’s akin to an auto manufactuer promissing you a car with certain features…that have not been developed or approved by the Federal Government, and you purchased it on a promise.