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Weekend link dump for February 12

Happy 203rd birthday, Abe Lincoln! You don’t look a day over 200.

The Off the Kuff Facebook page needs three Likes to get to 200. Can you help?

TV networks do all kinds of shady things to boost ratings.

How to determine your global location with a sundial.

“Most of Facebook Inc. (FB)’s more than 800 million users are women. You wouldn’t know it from looking at the board, whose seven directors are all men.”

Why Occupy and the Civil Rights movement are not the same.

Zoos have had to tighten security against poachers.

New England winning the Super Bowl coin toss broke a 14-game streak for the NFC, which is a 3.8-sigma anomaly.

Why Reaganomics is not the answer to our current problems.

“So on the subject of contraception, the Catholic bishops are reduced to telling their “followers” not to listen to their conscience. How is that a position of moral authority?”

In case you were wondering what the hot woman from the Fiat ad was saying. And no, it wasn’t “Fix it again, Tony!”

The real Obama swing voters are disproportionately young, female, and secular.

RIP, Roger Boisjoly, the man who tried unsuccessfully to stop the launch of the doomed space shuttle Challenger.

What are the alternatives to Komen doing with the opportunity they’ve been given?

Want your football team to win the Super Bowl? Get your state to approve marriage equality.

Seems to me the NFL might consider tweaking the rules about late-game defensive penalties to restore time on the clock to prevent gamesmanship.

It’s Wall Street that needs to apologize, not us.

If Miley Cyrus has the guts to speak out in favor of marriage equality, what’s any politician’s excuse?

Do you want to read a nice smackdown of Charles Murray? Of course you do.

RIP, Florence Green, the last surviving veteran of World War I.

“Make no mistake: we’ve not heard the last of Karen Handel. And when she surfaces to tell her story, people should remember: she’s not the victim, she’s a sophisticated political operator who may have gotten exactly what she wants.”

That “Gulf of America” bill you’ve been hearing about was a joke, which I admit I fell for. Hey, these days it’s really hard to tell.

“So let’s be clear. No matter what the other side says, this debate isn’t about religious freedom; it’s about whether your boss, any boss, can decide whether his employees get a health plan that covers contraception.”

Do these have a passenger side option?

You never know how Linsanity will affect some people.

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