HD105 recount concluded

Just call her Landslide Linda.

Republicans maintained their two-vote majority in the Texas House of Representatives on Friday after election officials completed a recount in a Dallas County race.

Rep. Linda Harper-Brown, R-Irving, led her Democratic opponent Bob Romano by 20 votes after the Nov. 4 election. Friday’s recount changed that margin to 19.

“I felt very confident this was going to be the outcome,” Harper-Brown said Friday night. “I’m ready to come to Austin.”

Well, it’s bigger than the margin Rep. Hubert Vo wound up with in 2004 after the election challenge was resolved. And it’s more than enough to count. Speaking of election challenges:

Romano’s lawyer, Buck Wood of Austin, said his client is weighing whether to challenge the results. The Texas Democratic Party also has a separate federal lawsuit pending.

That’s his right, but I don’t see it changing anything. I think the lawsuit has a greater chance of affecting the outcome, and I think the lawsuit is a loser. But hey, what’s a little more drama for this session? Thanks to BOR for the link.

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