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Weekend link dump for February 3

See you in the fall, football.

What if Jimmy Olsen were a woman? Doesn’t bother me.

Derek Jeter goes to Davos to talk about climate change. Maybe they’ll listen to him.

Please don’t photograph the food. Thank you.

The march towards equality continues apace.

What Nate Silver gets wrong.

App and mortar retailing is the new hotness.

These are not the Facebook photos you’re looking for.

Why the breast pump coverage that’s part of the Affordable Care Act really matters.

If you can print your own gun, does “gun control” have any meaning?

Five simple things you can do to protect your online privacy.

Jonathan Coulton versus Glee, and what he’s doing about it.

On being a creep, which you should totally not do.

Look! Voter fraud!

“Just four years later, [Rick Perry’s book On My Honor, about the Boy Scouts] seems almost anachronistic. And it cements Perry’s legacy in one respect: as a prominent politician who doubled down on gay bashing as the nation rapidly moved the other way.”

With a sufficient amount of correlation, causation is a reasonable conclusion.

I agree, bring back earmarks. Demonizing the practice never made any sense to me.

Best of luck to Ray LaHood, who I thought did a fine job as Transportation Secretary.

RIP, Mary O’Connor, Hugh Hefner’s longtime secretary.

So why do screenwriters type in Courier? If you care about that, you might also care that there’s a new version of Courier, called Courier Prime.

“I can’t imagine that anyone who condemned [Ryan] Braun would feel like they got off on a technicality if they failed a drug test at work, were in danger of being fired because of it, and found out that there was reason to call the results into question that would rule the positive test void.”

Wait, you’re telling me that cutting government spending can have a negative effect on the economy? Who knew?

Are you ready for unionized doctors?

The old “fake to third and then throw to first” play is now officially a balk, just as most people always thought it was.

Oh, Sarah. We will never see your like again.

The Jackie Robinson biopic is a movie I want to see.

Even when we’re talking about megabrewers, more competition is better than less.

Texas should be more like California if it really wants to do well at job creation.

RIP, Ed Koch, who among his many other accomplishments was the featured speaker at my high school graduation. They don’t make ’em like that any more. Roy adds his memories.

On the new rules proposed by the USDA regulating so-called “competitive” foods and beverages offered on school campuses – i.e., the stuff that’s tasty but not good for you.

RIP, Barney the dog.

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One Comment

  1. Valerie says:

    Hear hear!

    I have a 6 week old and have not returned to work, but I use my ACA provided breast pump 6-7 times a day. My son will not nurse, so this is the only way for him to get breast milk. I don’t have a medela like the author of the post linked, but an equivalent pump that lists for more than $300. I would not have been able to get such a good pump, but thanks to the ACA, the cost of my pump was covered 100% by insurance.