Friday random ten: The city never sleeps, part 8

I don’t know about elsewhere, but all eyes remain on Austin around here as the legislative season goes into overtime. There are no Austin songs on this list, but there is a song about a suburb just north of Austin.

1. Pflugerville – Austin Lounge Lizards
2. Philadelphia Freedom – Hall and Oates
3. Riga In The Fall – Gavin Guss
4. Road To New York – Jim Malcolm
5. The Rocky Road To Dublin – The Chieftains and The Rolling Stones
6. Rumble In Brighton – Stray Cats
7. Santa Ana – Bruce Springsteen
8. Santa Ana Woman – The Bobs
9. Say Goodbye To Hollywood – Billy Joel
10. Southside Chicago Waltz – Black 47

One of my classmates at Trinity was one of the Pflugers of Pflugerville. Every time I attended a Lounge Lizards show I was tempted to mention that to the band afterward, but never got around to it. I guess I wasn’t sure how to continue the conversation after that opener. What cities are you singing about this week?

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