The 2013 Mayor’s race just got real, y’all

Look who’s back:

Need I mention that it was posted on the fence surrounding an empty lot? Look for other signs just like it on a utility pole near you. And be sure to tell anyone who wants to vote for Eric Dick for Mayor to be sure to check the straight ticket Republican box on this year’s ballot.

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15 Responses to The 2013 Mayor’s race just got real, y’all

  1. PDiddie says:

    Oh what fun it is to be a political blogger NOW.

  2. Patrick Davidson says:

    He is an attorney. Has an LLM in taxation. It looks like he is young with a lot of spirit. He sure is aggressive as we saw two years ago. You have got to give him credit, he is a fighter. May just be what this City needs to save us for bankruptcy. I do not see any hope with Hall or Parker. Will do a little more research. The sign looks a lot better. Hope he goes a little bite lighter. Wisdom comes with age and knowledge. He most definitely has the knowledge. We will see.

  3. Mainstream says:

    Looks more like an advertisement for the law firm than a sincere campaign. He lost a contest for precinct chair among the Republicans of his own neighborhood, but still may be more appealing to rank and file Republicans than Ben Hall.

  4. Hobby Lobby says:

    What about Jim Noteware? Isn’t he a Republican and isn’t he running or no? Seems like he would be a whole lot more appealing to Republicans that this wack job.

  5. Patrick Davidson says:

    He is a lot more appealing then either Hall or Parker. Jim Noteware is part of Parkers camp.

  6. Patrick Davidson says:

    I wouldn’t say that is advertisement maybe just trying to inform the pubic who he is. Those last signs weren’t so great. I didn’t like them at all and way to many. a turn off. hopefully he has learned. I will give him a chance to see who he is.

  7. N.M. Horwitz says:

    I saw these signs along the East Freeway a few days ago. Didn’t think much of it until now.

  8. Paul Kubosh says:

    I smell a runoff. The question is who are the candidates? I would expect he will at least get as many votes as Roy Morales got. This will be interesting.

  9. Brad M. says:

    “be sure to check the straight ticket Republican box”

    Good joke. Not sure anyone else here caught it.

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  11. Katy Anders says:

    Thank goodness. The empty lots around town have been looking for… empty!

    My ridiculing of Dick is not a partisan thing. It IS a nonpartisan election, after all.

  12. John Coby says:

    So Republicans like Dick. Who would have thunk it? He is about as intelligent as Helena Brown.

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  14. 4Houston says:

    Mr. Coby,
    If you had ever listened to either Eric’s or Helena’s genuine convictions and concerns about their community’s future and prosperity along with Houston’s and your family’s, you would probably vote for them or should.

  15. Mrs. Hawk says:

    He is a joke!

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