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Weekend link dump for September 22

Happy Day After Equinox, everybody!

The pros and cons of charging for autographs.

There’s now an app for ordering Big Macs, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Some alternate expressions for “Jumping the Shark”.

The wildcard tiebreaker scenarios as things stand in MLB.

Stay awesome, Tuesday Cain. We may need you to run for Governor some day.

The biggest cost drivers of Medicare are new drugs and new treatments.

“PowerPoint is a tool, just like chalk is a tool. You can give a great lecture with PowerPoint slides, just like you can give a great lecture with chalk. And you can give a lecture using chalk that is every bit as terrible as the very worst PowerPoint presentation.”

Self delusion is an amazingly powerful force.

We want Janet!

Dear coulrophobes: Do not click this link if you know what’s good for you.

“Some quick back-of-the-napkin math unfortunately showed me that the DVR of my dreams would cost me about $150,000.”

I haven’t cared about Miss America in thirty years, but this year’s winner seems to have a knack for enraging the type of people who need to be enraged.

I’ll get right to the point: Sherlock Holmes belongs in the public domain. Any claim to the contrary is not credible to me.

“But here in America, white Protestant disputes over the Bible, what it means and how to read it, are never confined to pulpits and seminaries. These disputes tend to spill over into the broader culture, reshaping all of American politics. That was true, as Noll shows, in the 19th Century. That was true, as Dupont shows, during the civil rights movement. And it is true today, as our politics is now shaped by reaction against the advances of the civil rights movement and by a pervasive anti-feminism.”

The fight against stupidity never ends.

Do not trifle with Ken Jennings.

Everything you need to know about personal financial planning can fit on a 4×6 index card.

Why do we need a “Sound of Music” remake?

RIP, Terrie Hall, anti-smoking activist.

“Anyway, that’s it. Same old, same old. You may now go about your business and ignore the latest healthcare non-plan from conservatives, just as you can ignore the latest tax reform non-plan from conservatives.”

“But seriously, a cardiologist is saying he can’t imagine a single occasion when he might ask a patient about his sex life? Really? I’m speechless.”

I don’t know how many more days of reckoning I can take.

Shame on you, Rick Reilly, shame on you.

RIP, Joy Covey, first CFO of Amazon.

Would someone of the Republican persuasion please explain to me when it’s OK for the government to get all up in women’s vaginas and when it’s not? I’m a little confused right now. Thanks.

“Clinton and his Democratic allies made welfare less generous in the hopes that doing so would make Republicans stop fighting to make welfare less generous. How has that worked out?”

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