Saturday video break: Centerfold

I’m sure you’re familiar with the original, by the J. Geils Band:

J. Geils was one part quality classic rock band, one part novelty act. This was probably their biggest hit, and it seems somehow fitting that my favorite cover of it was done by a novelty band, Hayseed Dixie.

Like cheesy lounge versions, corny country covers are a bit of a cliche, but Hayseed Dixie does it well enough that it’s easy to forgive them. They do mostly covers in the same vein, but they have some funny originals, too. Worth your time to check them out if you’re into that sort of thing.

And finally, because Centerfold is also a Same Name, Different Song entrant, here’s Randy Twigg with her version:

Well, that was…different. They can’t all be hits.

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