Ethics Commission rejects Bell’s complaint

No go.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell

The Houston Ethics Commission has ruled against mayoral candidate Chris Bell’s complaint that City Hall was letting Rep. Sylvester Turner start the race with a $900,000 head start in fundraising.


Bell argues that Turner’s legislative account should not be able to transfer more than $10,000 to his mayoral account, the most that any third-party group can donate to a candidate. The Parker administration and Turner have said he should be allowed to transfer each individual donation that falls under the maximum caps set out by the city’s fundraising laws. He opened his mayoral account late last month and starts with about $900,000, according to his campaign.

Bell was hoping that the Ethics Commission would side with him and determine that Turner is violating city fundraising laws.

“They have no jurisdiction because there was no impropriety,” said Janice Evans, a Parker spokeswoman.

See here for the background. Filing that federal lawsuit he’s been talking about would be Bell’s next step, if he chooses to pursue this further. I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t think I’d put any money on his chances if Bell were to follow that route.

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One Response to Ethics Commission rejects Bell’s complaint

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    There are a laundry list of concerns among chris bell,first ,if you google it he was the one that ran a huge endorsment letter for outgoing council member jolonda jones , claiming that she should be re lected,even when the entire city was going the other way.

    then the other problem with chris bell is just flat out sustainability with in his own law practice,which to date he has changed official law offices over 2 or 3 times in the last 18 months,not to mention that in the last decade hes done nothing for the benefit of the citizens in houston.

    chris bell isnt a street fighter ,hes not even running smart , hes just there,standing in the middle of the road yelling “iam chris bell please notice me,reconize me,i used to be a congressman,.

    well i have news for chris bell,you dont just stop what your doing after 10 years and come out swinging in the blind man, get a hold of yourself and do the responsible thing and get the hell out of the race,your taking up valued space.

    joshua ben bullard 2015

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