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Buy Nothing Day

I’ve seen a couple of exhortations to observe Buy Nothing Day. I’m not impressed. The idea of picking one day to change one’s behavior may have pop culture appeal, but like the Great American Gas Out it will accomplish nothing outside of some publicity for the organizers. After all, if everyone spends the same total amount on Christmas presents that they have in years past, the net effect will be the same. The impact of not shopping today, if it’s even enough to be measured, will be nil.

I don’t have any beef with the idea of making Christmas less consumer oriented. I’m just saying that it takes year-round behavior modification, not a one-day gesture.

For what it’s worth, early indicators are good for merchants. Their allure is insidious and hard to resist, after all:

If markdowns and staying open for 24 hours are not enough, Abercrombie & Fitch Co., the teen-oriented apparel retailer famous for its risque catalogs, hired scantily-clad greeters at their stores.

Now maybe if the Buy Nothing folks made like PETA and hired some naked celebrities

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One Comment

  1. Greg Wythe says:

    I had intended to buy nothing today, mostly cuz I’m broke till I can deposit my paycheck. But I still found a way to blow it first thing in the AM when I stopped by the local gas station for my morning breakfast of Mountain Dew & donuts.