Endorsement watch: Collegiality and cover

More support for Rep. Gene Green.

Rep. Gene Green

Rep. Gene Green

Congressional Hispanics are lining up behind U.S. Rep. Gene Green as he seeks to fend off a primary challenge from former Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

BOLD PAC, the political arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, endorsed Green on Wednesday. The group’s news release features supportive quotes from most of the highest-ranking Latinos in Congress.

“As a leader of the labor movement, I have known and worked with Gene Green for many years,” said caucus chairwoman Linda Sanchez, a California Democrat. “Ensuring Gene Green returns to the House to continue delivering outstanding results, whether through legislative efforts or casework, for his constituents, is a must.”


Members of Congress rarely oppose colleagues from their own parties in primaries. But the caucus does have an opportunity to boost its size if Garcia is elected — and it’s supporting Green anyway.

A Democratic Capitol Hill staffer familiar with the members’ thinking said the decision to stick with Green came down to his relationships and work on issues of importance to the Hispanic community.

“Would they like to see a Latino in that seat? Yeah,” said the staffer, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “But not necessarily at the cost of a member they work well with.”

I mostly know BOLD PAC from the incessant fundraising emails they send me. By definition, these are folks who neither live in nor represent CD29 – most of them are not in Texas, in fact – so the practical effect of this is likely to be nil. Mostly what it does is continue the narrative that people are basically satisfied with Rep. Green and his representation, and that there’s no compelling argument to make a change. In that sense, it’s a lot like the endorsements Rep. Green got from local Latino elected officials, though less visible. Does it move any votes to Gene Green? No, but it may keep some votes from moving away from him, and that’s more than good enough. The Chron has more.

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5 Responses to Endorsement watch: Collegiality and cover

  1. J says:

    I guess Gene Green is one of those guys President Obama was talking about not endorsing yesterday. He gets an A rating from the NRA. Wonder how that will play out with Democrats picking sides in this race.

  2. Paul Kubosh says:

    This is Texas by the way. You can be for sensible Gun Control and still be considered a nut by the east coast progressives. At my High School guys would have rifles in their gun racks in plain view. Guess what, their wasn’t ever any gun violence on my campus. (Boling High School) Not because kids had guns on campus but because we just never thought about shooting each other.

    Personally I think it is strange to not own a gun.

  3. Steve Houston says:

    PK, those who’ve never had any (or had limited) interaction with guns often see them in a different light than those who grew up with them. Maybe that is why they are so prone to comparing gun ownership with everything from mental disorders to “size” insecurities and beyond. Maybe some of them really think food magically appears on grocery store shelves or buy into the hateful animal abuse beliefs regarding hunting.

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