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Final EV totals for the 2016 primaries

It all comes down to Tuesday now:

Year       Dem      GOP
2008   177,088   64,431
2012    37,887   78,081
2016    85,816  131,145


For your reference, the 2016 totals are here, and the 2012 totals are here, and the 2008 totals are here. You can still see the SOS archive for 2008, with the final Dem totals here and the Week Two Day Two GOP totals here. EV totals for the 15 biggest counties statewide through Thursday are here.

Hey, remember when I said ” I wouldn’t be surprised if 50,000 people vote today, 20K in the Dem primary and 30K for the GOP”? The actual last day totals were 20,362 Dems and 32,993 Reps. I’m a freaking genius. This keeps us on track for the same projections, which is to say about 165K Dems and 250K Republicans. Note that the actual early vote totals reported by the County Clerk on Tuesday night will be a bit higher than what we have here, as there are still several thousand mail ballots out. Some number of them will get returned by Tuesday. The only question at this point is what share of the vote has been cast and what is left to come, and how much the existing GOTV activities will affect that latter number. Have you voted yet?

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  1. PDiddie says:

    I’d be a little more concerned about the 60-40 split R to D and how that trickles down the ballot. Would anyone care to speculate whether Trump can defeat Clinton in Harris County by that margin in November? (I’ll take the under; I think Trump can get to about 52% max. Cruz could maybe hit 60 but no line on Rubio-Clinton.)

  2. Paul Kubosh says:

    You are a freaking genius. I have heard some republicans say that they will vote for Hillary before they vote for trump.

    Also do you “progressives” ever wonder why you lost the majority here in Texas.

  3. Meme says:

    Kubosh please count me as one of the stupid, why did the progressives loss the majority in Texas?

    This stupid person thinks if Trump is the R choice in November the Rs will lose all county seats, I think I can convince some of my friends to work to get out Latinos by telling the truth that if Trump wins the Gestapo police will going into our house and requiring that we prove that we are here legally. Remember tell a big lie often enough and people will believe it.

    May want to look at Univision and see the devil they have painted of Trump.

  4. Meme says:

    Kinda the same type of devil Fox (the news station not the former Mexican president who claims Trump is a racist and a Nazi) has painted of Hillary.

  5. Robbie Westmoreland says:

    Because the Democratic party stopped being all racism all the time?

  6. Paul Kubosh says:


    Very nice. Your response is why the Democrat Party hasn’t won a State wide party in years. You all need to be racist all the time.

    On a side note I am having a blast watching the Republican party race. This is a once in a lifetime event.

  7. Robbie Westmoreland says:

    The state Democratic party that was consistently dominating the party in the state of Texas from statehood through most of the state’s history was firmly about slavery and racism. People who were voting here in the 50’s and 60’s considered the Republican party the liberals. LBJ reversed things. It took a while for the voting habits to change, but are you really suggesting that before he changed parties Phil Gramm was a “progressive?”

    Hell, even when most of the white conservatives in the state finally realized that the state party had stopped being fundamentally white and conservative, it took Tom DeLay’s redistricting push to shift the balance of Congressional seats away from the Democrats because of those voting habits. It’s still working its way out, which is why Kim Davis in Kentucky only finally changed her formal party affiliation in the last year, and why Robert Byrd never bothered to switch parties. They weren’t Democrats because they were “progressive.”

    If “progressives” who weren’t firmly invested in institutional racism ever actually won statewide office in the state of Texas, it was something of an electoral fluke. Maybe you could count Ann Richards, but I’m not sure any others qualify, and she might not have won if Clayton Williams hadn’t been a goober.

  8. Paul Kubosh says:


    I will agree Clayton was stupid.

  9. Paul Kubosh says:

    Also one last thing….Republicans are racist and Democrats are not. Got it.

  10. Meme says:

    Well Paul you got it, although I believe that was sarcasm. Yes, the Republican party consists of more racists and bigots then the Democratic party. I would offer some links of surveys but racists and bigots and some people who may not be will not accept anything that they don’t already believe.

    Let me ask Paul do you think that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer? Just wondering about 10% of voters from Florida think so and about another 20% are not sure.

    By the way Paul almost all racists and bigots don’t think they are racists or bigots.

  11. Paul Kubosh says:


    “all racists and bigots don’t think they are racists or bigots.” I couldn’t agree more.