Have you voted yet?

I voted earlier today in the MoveOn.org “primary” (registration is now closed, so if you aren’t already registered, it’s too late). Some folks have reported problems accessing the MoveOn site, but once I got the email with my voting link, I got right in with no problems.

Nathan Newman notes an effort by some mouthbreathers to try to slant the results, but I’m not particularly worried about it. For one thing, they can easily record the originating IP address of the voter, and eliminate anything that looks fishy. For another, they require a phone number to vote, as they are planning a followup telephone survey to check the results. If all else still fails, they can try again (it’s not like this was a vastly expensive undertaking) and require an up-front donation, as some of Nathan’s commenters suggested.

Who did I vote for? I’ll tell you on Friday when the results are released.

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