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Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 1

Hey, did you know there’s a woman running for President? It’s true! First time ever for a major political party in this country. In honor of that historic achievement, I’m going to spend a few weeks highlighting songs from my collection performed by women.

1. Waterloo – ABBA ( Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog)
2. Whenever You’re Near Me – Ace of Base (Malin “Linn” Berggren and Jenny Berggren)
3. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
4. Save Me – Aimee Mann
5. Head Over Feet – Alanis Morrisette
6. Dry Grass & Shadows – Alela Diane
7. Titanium – Ali Brutofski
8. Baby, Now That I’ve Found You – Alison Krauss
9. The Coventry Carol – Alison Moyet
10. Games – Alison Wonderland

I suspect a fair number of the tunes and artists that get mentioned will be ones that my girls have asked me to get for them. The Adele and Ali Brutofski songs fall into that bucket. Others will come from the various collections and mixtapes that I’ve gotten from sources like Noisetrade, of which the Alison Wonderland number is an example. I buy those in part because they greatly increase my exposure to artists I’d never heard of before. This is going to be an interesting challenge because I have a lot of stuff like that, and some of it is going to require me to do some checking to see if it qualifies. Just in doing this post I’ve discovered that I missed one. Her group will be added to a future post. If you see someone showing up out of alphabetical order down the line, that’s probably the reason for it.

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