Add Boykins to the “mulling a run for Governor” list

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CM Dwight Boykins

As Democrats look for a serious candidate to challenge Gov. Greg Abbott in 2018, another big-city official is surfacing as a potential contender: Dwight Boykins, a member of the Houston City Council.

“I have had an opportunity to travel across our great state and meet a lot of hardworking people who feel no one is listening to their concerns or fighting for their families and I am humbled and encouraged by those who have asked me if I would consider running for Governor of Texas,” Boykins said in a statement to The Texas Tribune on Tuesday. “Like most people, I have noticed that our state is deeply divided over controversial social issues, while the major problems facing our state and the people who live here continue to go unresolved.”

Boykins said he has not made “a final decision about the possibility of running for a higher office,” but the clock is ticking with less than three weeks until the candidate filing deadline for the 2018 primaries.


Boykins mentioned Abbott’s refusal to immediately tap the state’s $10 billion savings account, known as the Rainy Day Fund, to deal with the post-Harvey recovery, saying it shows the “disconnect between the current leadership of our state and the needs of the people.” Abbott has expressed openness to using the fund in the 2019 legislative session to make up for Harvey-related costs incurred between now and then.

Add his name to the list that contains Andrew White, Michael Sorrell, and Sheriff Lupe Valdez. Because Houston now has four-year terms for City Council, Boykins would have to resign in order to run, so that’s another factor for him to consider. I should note that Campos teased this in a post a couple of weeks ago; I’d since forgotten about it. Boykins would need to explain his vote against HERO in 2015 to some folks, myself included, if he were to make this official. Beyond that, as with the others, we’ll see what he has to say for himself if this becomes a thing. The Chron has more.

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20 Responses to Add Boykins to the “mulling a run for Governor” list

  1. neither here nor there says:

    One issue voter, I understand, I changed and started doing what others do. Since he voted against HERO I will vote for him, I know where he stands on that issue.

  2. I promise you I would have more influence with Boykins as a Governor than I do with Abbott. I think Boykins would make a good governor.

  3. One more thing…on the one vote issue. There is a lot of reasons why people didn’t like the HERO ordinance. Remember over 60% of Houston voters didn’t like the HERO ordinance either. Gentlemen we are talking about Democrats who agreed with Republican social conservatives to turn back HERO.

    Do you want to want to win or do you want to be right? I don’t know the other guys but Boykins has the personality that could turn into your very own Democrat Trump. He could pull it off. Think about it Boykins as Governor.

  4. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    Boykins has zero chance of becoming Governor of Texas

    First, he’s an out and proud homophobe, with a record of voting for making it legal to fire, not hire, not promote, not serve, not rent to LGBT Texans. He also fully supported a movement to label all Transpersons equal to people who assault little girls in restrooms.

    If he somehow gets the Dem nomination, he will get no support outside of the social conservative Dem community. Its enough to win in a cherrypicked city council district, but he’s a hopeless loser for any statewide office as a Democrat.

    BTW, there is an openly LGBT candidate for Governor in the Dem primary who is probably very willing to make an issue of Boykins’ advocacy of discrimination against LGBT persons.

    If Boykins runs, he will probably be funded by Republicans who want to see an intra Dem party fight. Unfortunately, the stakes are too high for those that oppose hatred of LGBT persons to just put up with Boykins’ advocacy of discrimination to let it stand.

    Any Democrat voting for Boykins is voting to have up to a third of Dems (not just LGBT persons, but their supporters as well) vote third party or stay home in disgust. Boykins would probably lose Travis County.

    Besides, if you hate Gay people, you are much more likely to just vote for Abbott and the Republicans anyway. Its not like Boykins can actually gain any voters for the Dems as the nominee. All he will do is throw a third or more of the Dem voters away.

    There’s no apology he can make to wash this away until HERO is the law in Houston. He broke it, he owns it….Don’t bother throwing up an apology Dwight….Not accepted.

  5. neither here nor there says:

    Tom really that is why Texas will stay Red, once Trump is gone, I will go back telling Latinos that the Democrats is not their party.

  6. Tom,

    I am sorry you think we all hate gay people. That is not true. When the Republican party is putting up Moore for Senator and now has Barton with nude photos I can tell you that there is a lot of us over here who would rather vote for someone they can talk to then vote for someone they can’t. However, I do understand one issue voting. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  7. neither here nor there says:

    Two parties control Harris County Democratic politics, the homosexuals and the unions, as long as the homosexuals keep a litmus test that one must be in full support of their agenda they will have a very difficult time getting social conservative “Spanish surname” persons supporting them. Homosexuals that are white and male have no idea of what real discrimination is, they stayed in their closets and had all the white privileges they desired but they act like they are the most discriminated group in the country.

    When DREAMERS attempted to meet with the Democratic Chair, the homosexual chair, locked the doors on them. It is no secret that the homosexual Democrats work hand in hand with the Republican party in many issues to maintain power.

    As to the unions, how are those numbers looking? Maybe it is time to concentrate on work and pay rather than social issues. There was a time when the unions were the most biased group in Harris County and that was in my life time.

    Homosexuals and unions had no problems supporting Adrian Garcia as he led the nation in deportations. Many of us know where to many of you stand.

  8. neither here nor there says:

    too many

  9. Inner looper says:

    Wow, just wow, lots to unpack there. First off, the delusion that white gays have no idea what discrimination is, basically so long as they keep their mouths shut, shows how poorly qualified “neither” is to speak on the topic. No grasp of reality there. It is what it is. As for gay dems working hand in hand with Republicans? Some of you all are Republicans, you might have worked with some Log Cabin Republicans, but how many gay dems have you been working with? Just more evidence of neither’s failure to grasp the topic he is commenting on. More delusional nonsense. As for one issue voting, if someone is voting to allow you to be discriminated in housing, and allowing you to be fired for being gay, and all those other issues, that really isn’t just one thing. The only thing that neither’s comments reveal is his obvious homophobic paranoia about some imagined “homosexual agenda.” It’s pretty classic. But if immigration is your hot topic, go ahead and stick with the more conservative group and see where that gets you.

  10. neither here nor there says:

    Inner loop, the old Republican game trick resort to name calling to win an argument.

    Keep thinking that homosexuals are that discriminated against, in fact the white homosexual community takes advantage of the persons of color that are homosexual. They also take advantage of the transsexual persons of color. They ride on their back to claim all the so called “Homosexual” discrimination.

    Is there discrimination against “Gays” of course but Gays are much more likely to discriminate against non “Gays”.

    Homophobic because one doesn’t pander to your lies about how bad you’ll have it?

    As to the more conservative group, it was a Republican president that passed amnesty. It was a Republican president that attempted to pass a type of amnesty, that would be “W”. that, then came the Democrat that promised that he would do in the first years, he lied and the Democrats allowed him to lie about it.

    You and most of your homosexual friends don’t give a hoot about immigration, never have, to busy feeling sorry for yourselves.

  11. neither here nor there says:

    too busy

  12. Inner looper says:

    You have made it clear through your comments you are not qualified to speak to what groups you are not a part of experience or don’t experience. Your sweeping statements of how the gay community interacts & behaves makes it clear you have very limited experience with those interactions & have also made it clear you have a issues with that group. There is a name for that, and it appears to apply to you. As for what Republicans did decades ago, pity you don’t have a time machine, because you are not seeing that sort of governing on immigration from the right today.

  13. neither here nor there says:

    There you go again inner loop, if you ain’t a homosexual you can’t say anything, well if you ain’t a person of color or immigrant you don’t know sh_t either. Your ignorance far surpasses mind by a factor of 5.

    Tell me how the majority of transsexuals that are assaulted or killed are not white. Better yet prove it.

    Talk to enough people of color even the “Gay” ones and you will find that white homosexuals are even more prejudice that heterosexual white males. I am referring to discrimination of homosexuals of color.

    It is actually very difficult to find articles that are reliable, as they are often written by white males who are homosexuals. They tend to to change data, for instance if a person of color is gay and is killed he is listed as a LGBT target.

    So you, inner loop, again show your bigotry and hate for others that do not look like you.

  14. neither here nor there says:
  15. Inner looper says:

    Oh well, so long as there is an article somewhere on the web about it, let’s damn a whole societal group that I don’t really interact much with, with some sweeping generalization. Nothing bigoted about that on your part.

  16. neither here nor there says:

    When one can’t defend their argument they resort to claiming intellectual superiority, that is what you have inner loop. Facts are not on your side so like Trump you lie, lie some more, and keep telling lies until they become facts to some. Your world is not different that Trump’s world.

  17. neither here nor there says:

    than Trump’s perverted world

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  19. neither here nor there says:

    Oh yes, inner loop, the Chronicle finally posted what many people who read already knew

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