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May traffic report

May was by far my busiest month ever, with about 56,000 visitors. I have Comptroller Strayhorn and the Unitarian Universalist Church to thank for that, as both my original post and my followup on the reversal were linked all over creation, with Atrios as usual providing the bulk of the referrals (over 15,000 of them, which just boggles my mind).

After a couple of big weeks like that, I’m never sure if my traffic will slide back to previous levels or step up to a new plateau. Whatever does happen, I’m grateful as always to you for dropping by. June is my 30th month of blogging, and having the great readership that I do keeps it fresh and fun for me. Thanks very much, and click on the More link for the top referrers.

Aggregators, collections, indices, etc ====================================== 496: 244: 173: 92: Weblog referrers ================ 15007: Atrios
1800: Daily Kos
240: BeliefNet
214: Pandagon
212: Political Animal
173: SixApart
169: The Agonist
143: Sisyphus Shrugged
128: Safety for Dummies
108: Fark
105: Kicking Ass
98: Nosey Online
Top search terms ================ #reqs: search term -----: ----------- 1731: real men of genius 1082: ugly people 387: american idol tryouts 323: jon matthews 302: extreme home makeovers 153: schlitterbahn galveston 116: diane zamora 108: schlitterbahn 107: lynndie england sex pictures 103: budweiser real men of genius 90: wichita falls tornado 82: william krar 80: little hipps 75: lynndie england sex video 72: if you love something set it free 66: deanna laney 66: women of enron 63: andy pettite 57: prime number algorithm 55: world's largest rat

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