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Perry signs Tulia bill

No matter what, at least we can all agree that one good thing came out of the 78th Legislative Session, as Governor Perry signed a bill that allows the 13 remaining Tulia inmates to post bond and wait out the … Continue reading Continue reading

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We’re on the rail to nowhere

Chron Editorial Board member David Langworthy writes about rail to Fort Bend County today, in particular a proposal by several towns’ mayors to use an old Union Pacific track to connect their townships to the southern terminus of the Houston … Continue reading Continue reading

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I do not think that means what you think it means

Via Paul Frankenstein, I came across this funny story about what can happen when you mistranslate something. This has never happened to me – sadly, I’m insufficiently mulitlingual to be in this position in the first place – but my … Continue reading Continue reading

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Perry sent DPS to neonatal unit

State Rep. Craig Eiland has accused Governor Perry of ordering a DPS trooper to search the neonatal intensive care unit where his premature twins are being kept as part of the hunt for the Killer D’s. Rep. Kevin Bailey, D-Houston, … Continue reading Continue reading

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