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Run, Jerry, Run

I’ve mentioned before that Jerry Springer is considering a run for George Voinovich’s Ohio Senate seat. Now, via O-Dub, I see that he’s not only still considering it, he’s got a blog to help him explore the issue. Hot damn! … Continue reading Continue reading

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Your daily dose of melodrama

You may have already seen this at Atrios, but on the odd chance that you haven’t yet read this article about some shenanigans by House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Missouri), well, let’s let it speak for itself: Only hours after … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mark your calendars

Thursday, June 26, is Appropriate Michael Savage’s Name For Your Own Purposes Day. I overslept and thus missed out on National Make Fun of the Cheneys Day (scroll down from here for beaucoup de tasteless fun), but I’m ready for … Continue reading Continue reading

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The “R” word again…you know the drill

Let’s start with this article in the Statesman which examines the position of several key senators on redistricting. A common theme, as summed up by Ken Armbrister (D-Victoria) is that many of them will want something before they’ll carry water … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tank v. Dale, Day 3

Today’s Tank McNamara. Basically a rehash of Monday’s joke, so a bit disappointing. Continue reading

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Prosecution presses on

The prosecution continues to makes its points in the case against former HPD Captain Mark Aguirre on five counts of official oppression stemming from the botched K-Mart raid last year. The DA has two main thrusts to its argument, which … Continue reading Continue reading

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