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Pessimism and optimism

Via Big Media Matt, I see that Jacob Rosenfeld is worried about pessimism among Democrats in the runup to next November: The 2004 race isn’t over — despite what Kurtz and others presume. Now, the relentless negative coverage can become … Continue reading Continue reading

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Diane Zamora gets hitched

After getting permission from the state, convicted murderer Diane Zamora got married today in a rare double-proxy ceremony to another inmate. A judge in San Antonio performed the wedding ceremony in which Zamora’s mother and a male friend stood in … Continue reading Continue reading

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A little outrage

Greg Morrow has a few choice words for John Ashcroft, and Arthur Silber has a few more for pro-invasion hawks. Check ’em out. Continue reading

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Viagra gum

You know, I just haven’t been getting enough hits off of search engine queries lately. This ought to help. Seeking to maximize its “Double Your Pleasure” slogan, gum maker Wrigley has filed for a patent to cover gum that contains … Continue reading Continue reading

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Roy Blunt update

Remember Rep. Roy Blunt (R, Missouri), the House Majority Whip who tried to sneak some legislation favorable to Philip Morris at the last second into the Homeland Security bill? At the time, I didn’t know exactly what his relationship with … Continue reading Continue reading

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DHS clears itself

Well, I can’t say this this is a big surprise: WASHINGTON — A Homeland Security Department investigation has cleared an agency worker of any wrongdoing in the effort last month to help Texas Republicans track down missing Democratic lawmakers and … Continue reading Continue reading

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