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A little sports nostalgia

Fifty years ago today, Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes. Fascination endures with the four-minute mark, which many at the time believed was physically impossible. “It still seems strange to me that the intrinsically simple and unimportant … Continue reading Continue reading

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Not my fault!

Bush takes Rumsfeld off the hook President Bush said today that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld “will stay in my Cabinet” despite Democratic calls for his departure over abusive treatment of Iraqi prisoners by American military guards. “Secretary Rumsfeld has served … Continue reading Continue reading

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One year for Lea Fastow

Lea Fastow will get one year in Club Fed after pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor charge. “I’ve made an error in judgment that I will always regret for the rest of my life,” she told U.S. District Judge David … Continue reading Continue reading

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Revisiting insanity

Somehow in the midst of all the school finance madness, a Senate committee is looking at the state’s antiquated insanity laws. A legislative panel is conducting its first hearing on the standard that requires a defendant seeking to be found … Continue reading Continue reading

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Atom update

All right, it appears that my Atom feed fails to validate (thanks to Danil for pointing me to the Feed Validator). I’m not really sure how to fix it, but I have verified that the current version of MovableType does … Continue reading Continue reading

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Senate to House: Thanks for nothing

Now that the House has punted, the Senate is trying to figure out what to do with the mess they’ve inherited. “They didn’t leave us much to work with. They may as well have sent us a piece of paper … Continue reading Continue reading

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DCCC blog tour continues

Archpundit takes a look at some Illinois Congressional races over at the Stakeholder. Good news – the Democrats have a shot at winning the seat once held by Don Rumsfeld. Check it out. Continue reading

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