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Morris Meyer interview update

At the time I published the Morris Meyer interview as part of this week’s Texas Tuesdays, I didn’t have URLs for the various newspaper stories that he cited – the HTML got munched somewhere between his mail program and mine. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Aaron Russo for President!

Jerome Armstrong points out that the Libertarian Party will have a dynamic and potentially very attractive candidate for President this year in Aaron Russo. Their anti-war, anti-PATRIOT Act, anti-big government message ought to be compelling and may allow some disgruntled … Continue reading Continue reading

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More on the MovableType fiasco

Ginger explains clearly and thoroughly why those who are now defending Movable Type’s ill-received announcement about its new licensing scheme are wrong to simply say “why don’t you people want to pay for your software?” Read it all and you’ll … Continue reading Continue reading

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Big deal, we changed our minds

Who said this? “Gerrymandered congressional districts are an affront to democracy and an insult to the voters. We oppose that and any other attempt to rig the electoral process.” I’ll give you a hint: They’ve apparently changed their minds about … Continue reading Continue reading

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Morrison press release

They’re pretty happy about how things are going right now over at the Richard Morrison campaign. I’ve reproduced a press release that I received this morning, which you can find under the More link, that gives some of the details. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Quorum ruling

One year ago Wednesday, fifty Democratic state legislators caused a political earthquake by breaking quorum in an attempt to derail a redistricting bill that had suddenly been fast-tracked. One day after the anniversary of that event, an appellate court has … Continue reading Continue reading

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