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Clear the Air

Missed this Southpaw post on Thursday, which discusses the real reason to hold the line on clean air standards: dirty air has a negative effect on public health, and that negative effect costs us all money. Funny how advocates of … Continue reading Continue reading

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The press and the President

I found this CJR article about the Texas press’ relationship with President Bush awhile back, via Amblongus and Easter Lemming. It’s the end of the piece that interests me the most, where some of the editorial board members are asked … Continue reading Continue reading

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Look back at Ardmore

Via Kevin comes this WaPo story about the Texas Congressional situation one year after the Ardmore exodus. It’s more pessimistic than I am about the Democratic incumbents’s chances, and as Kevin says it doesn’t really break any new ground, but … Continue reading Continue reading

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Prop 1 passes

Not surprisingly, City Prop 1 passed by a wide margin, though wider than I’d have thought. Mayor Bill White has been handed the keys to fix this problem along with the trust of the voters to do so. He’s also … Continue reading Continue reading

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