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A few new voices

Here’s a new lefty political blog from Austin for you to check out: The View from the Left. He’s got an RSS feed, so a subscription to same can be found in my Bloglines blogs. Other recently-added subscriptions include: – … Continue reading Continue reading

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Texas Roadhouse blues

So there’s a national franchise called the “Texas Roadhouse”, and there’s a privately owned watering hole in La Vernia called the True Blue Texas Roadhouse. Put ’em together and what do you get? Right. A lawsuit. The Kentucky-based Texas Roadhouse … Continue reading Continue reading

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Even in Little League, I wouldn’t expect to ever see a play like this. The infield fly rule is a subtle thing. Via Nail-Tinted Glasses, who also points out this excellent Legomation re-enactment for those who need a visual. Continue reading

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Some background on Strayhorn and the Unitarians

The Chron’s a little late getting into the Strayhorn/Unitarian game, but their belated effort is pretty good. It’s a concise rundown of the history of this controversy, and it provides some context. In particular, there’s a quote attributed to Strayhorn … Continue reading Continue reading

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Today Philly, tomorrow Houston?

So now that Phoenix has passed (or is on the brink of passing) Philadekphia to become America’s fifth-most populous city, how long until they catch up to Houston for #4? During the 1990s, Phoenix grew by 34 percent, or 340,000 … Continue reading Continue reading

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