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Make your check payable to

A letter to the editor yesterday from Terry Beiswanger makes an interesting point. In response to Wednesday’s City and State cover article “Vasquez takes charge of county tax office / Commissioners vote 4-1 to fill recent vacancy”: With a new … Continue reading Continue reading

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Lawsuit filed over red light camera study

The red light camera study is less than a month old, and already it’s the subject of a lawsuit by a couple of longtime camera critics. Houston lawyers Paul Kubosh and Randall Kallinen, who have fought the program in courts … Continue reading Continue reading

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E-waste recycling

I’ve been aware of the issue for some time now, but it seems to me that this Chron story about electronic waste recycling fails to explore a pretty basic question. It’s Christmas morning, and there beneath the tree was your … Continue reading Continue reading

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City and county lobbying

As the start of the legislative session draws near, various entities gird for battle. Much like corporations, Texas cities and counties plan to spend millions on lobbyists to push their agendas and protect their interests during the next legislative session. … Continue reading Continue reading

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