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From the “Two wrongs don’t make a right” department

I appreciate that Jerome Solomon is willing to call the BCS “championship” game tonight the sham that it is, but unilaterally declaring some other team to be #1, in this case Utah based on their undefeated record, isn’t the answer. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Garcia talks recruitment again

New Sheriff Adrian Garcia echoes a theme he sounded at his swearing-in about hiring more deputies to increase patrols. Garcia promised to put more “boots on the ground” in his inaugural address Sunday, saying about 800 deputies now patrol an … Continue reading

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The Speakership and redistricting

Professor Murray takes a look at the legislative redistricting of 2001, which was directed by Tom DeLay with the express purpose of electing Tom Craddick Speaker and ultimately drawing Congressional lines as he saw fit, and why that same map … Continue reading Continue reading

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Skilling to get a new sentence

Some good news, but mostly not-so-good news for Jeff Skilling. An appeals court today upheld former Enron Chief Executive Jeff Skilling’s 19 federal felony convictions, but ordered a trial court to resentence him. The three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Washington Quiet Zone

Though I’m sorry to see the Heights Village project go under, I’ve often wondered about the spate of construction close to – in some cases, right next to – the freight train line that parallels Washington Avenue and Center Street. … Continue reading Continue reading

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