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Big John versus El Rushbo and The Newt

There’s just not enough popcorn in the world. As if to magnify what are already major differences between elected Republicans and conservative activists on the question of Sonia Sotomayor, check out what conservative senator (and chairman of the National Republican … Continue reading

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Friday random ten: Get your game on

Next on the theme list: Songs about sports. 1. HOOPS Yes! (FC Dallas) – The Polyphonic Spree 2. The Stock Car Travels By Illusion – Austin Lounge Lizards 3. Centerfield – John Fogerty 4. Galway Farmer – Ceili’s Muse 5. … Continue reading Continue reading

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Houston extends red light camera contract

We’ll have red light cameras to kick around for at least a few more years. The City Council extended the contract of the company that administers its red-light camera program for three more years Wednesday, aiming to thwart legislation pending … Continue reading

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Debutant’s last post

As you know, Deborah Greer-Costello, better known as Debutant, passed away on May 18 after a long battle with leukemia. Her sister Stephanie, a/k/a Texans Chick, posted a final message from Deb based on conversations they had after her condition … Continue reading

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Lon Burnam

The Star Telegram has a nice profile of Rep. Lon Burnam of Fort Worth, who we all know was anti-Tom Craddick before it was cool. If he were a baseball or basketball player, you’d say he’s one of those guys … Continue reading

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Hey, world! Pay attention to us!

Houston’s efforts to brand itself as a world-class city often come in for ridicule, some deserved and some not so much. But Houston is way farther down the path of international prominence than our neighbor to the west, San Antonio. … Continue reading Continue reading

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