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Weekend link dump for November 20

“Meet the Pollster Who Convinced Republicans There Would Be a Red Wave”. “A Step Back from the Precipice on Election Denialism and a Slightly Rosier Forecast for a Free and Fair Election in 2024″. “It’s tough to make predictions, especially … Continue reading

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DaSean Jones wins after provisional and cured mail ballots are counted

I’m sure someone is going to throw a fit over this. The Harris County felony judge race for the 180th criminal state district court flipped Friday night in favor of incumbent DaSean Jones after new mail and provisional ballots were … Continue reading

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Concept Neighborhood’s Second Ward project

Sounds really cool. I hope they can pull it off, and in a reasonable amount of time. Plans to turn a swath of the East End into a walkable district are getting larger and more ambitious – setting the groundwork … Continue reading

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Remnants of the Challenger found

Wow. Divers searching the Bermuda Triangle for World War II-era aircraft found a piece of NASA history: wreckage from the space shuttle Challenger, which exploded 73 seconds after liftoff Jan. 28, 1986. This wreckage, discovered well northwest of the Bermuda Triangle, will … Continue reading

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