You know, I’m not actually sure whether the new TV show about the psychic who fights crime will have a higher gobbledygook quotient than the new TV show about the mathematician who fights crime, but doesn’t it just give you a warm fuzzy to know that there’s finally a show that portrays the psychic community in a positive light?

Laurie McQuary of Lake Oswego, Ore., appreciates Court TV’s approach to featuring the psychic as another investigation tool. “It’s being presented as not only credible, but also accepted by law enforcement,” she said. McQuary is often featured on Court TV’s Psychic Detectives, and tonight’s episode, “Hollywood Mystery,” details her work on a Los Angeles case of a missing model. She has made 61 TV appearances, and after her last chat with Larry King, her workload tripled.

“I am absolutely ecstatic every time I find a missing person, or if I even make a confirmation in a case and where I know I made a difference.”

DuBois, the woman upon whom Medium is based, seems pleased with the NBC series because it helps break the stereotype that psychics are nutty.

“The story rings true to my life and how I experience it,” she said. “The best part is that other people will be able to have a glimpse at my life from my perspective. Hopefully it will help people to relate to what I do and that there really is another side after we leave this world.”

How nice for you. And how nice for us that a leading local psychic has given some of her predictions for 2005:

• An increased coupling of western medicine and holistic treatments will begin eradicating many forms of cancer.
• Osama Bin Laden will be found dead and much of the terrorist movement will disintegrate.
• U.S. fighting in Iraq will continue all through 2005.
• Discovering that Iran does have nuclear weapons and is developing biological and chemical weapons, the U.S. is likely to begin military operations there.
• Boxer Muhammad Ali and Monaco’s Prince Rainier III will die.
• Several hurricanes will hit Florida, but with less damage than in 2004. Texas will not see any hurricanes, but will see heavy summer rains.
• Moderate earthquakes will shake California in January or February, and a level 3 quake will shake up Los Angeles in the spring.
• The stock market will get stronger, especially in energy fields. Interest rates will rise.

Heavy summer rains in Texas? The stock market will go up? She really goes out on a limb, doesn’t she? Maybe she just wants to do better than the other leading psychics did in 2004. I’ll check back in a year and see.

UPDATE: For what it’s worth, leading psychicbusiness columnist Shannon Buggs thinks the picture is a bit murkier for energy stocks in 2005.

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One Response to Psyche!

  1. William Hughes says:

    The stock market will go up, especially in energy fields? That’s a prediction?

    Here’s a few psychotic predictions I had while looking at my meatball last night:

    – Starbucks will finally go out of business since everyone will realize that they can get a better cup of coffee from a street vendor at a fifth of the price.

    – “Gigli” will be turned into the hottest Broadway musical of 2005. On a related note, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson and Homer Simpson will retire due to the realization that none of them have any talent. (OK, I made up the part about Homer Simpson).

    – The New York Yankees will spend more money than most third world nations’ GDP on their opening day roster next season.

    – Bill Gates net worth will officially become “mad dope money”.

    – Warren Buffet’s net worth will officially become “ridiculously wealthy.

    – My net worth will be still a joke compared to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

    – Americans will look at gas prices in other countries and realize that they have a bargain compared to the rest of the world. On a related note, the Yugo will come back in style.

    – A SUV will be unveiled that will cost less than average New York 1 bedroom apartment. As a result, more people in New York will move into 1 bedroom apartment.

    – William Hung will replace Placido Dominigo at the Metropolitan Opera during a performance of “Tosca”. On a related note, Luciano Pavoratti’s retirement will allow the Met to replace him with William Shatner. (Am I the only one that thinks William Hung would be a great name for a porn star).


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