The Housing and Community Development mess

A review of headlines from last week, which I did not have the brain space to do anything with:

Turner fires Houston housing director who accused him of ‘charade’ bid process to benefit developer

Turner names interim housing director in wake of corruption claims by former department head

Turner orders legal review of housing deal at center of ‘charade’ claims by fired housing director

Editorial: Tell the truth, Mayor Turner. Why the ‘charade’ over wasteful housing contract?

I still don’t quite have the brain capacity to make sense of all this. None of it looks good for Mayor Turner, but how things end don’t always reflect how they began. These would be terrible headlines not just for the Mayor but for everyone on City Council if we had elections this year, but we don’t. There may be some echoes of this when the 2023 campaigns roll around, but my guess is that unless there’s something epic inside all of this we will have moved onto many other things by then. At heart, that’s one of the reasons I voted against the proposal back in 2015 to change from two year terms and a limit of three for local elected officials to four year terms with a limit of two. I know a lot of Council members hated having to run every two years, but I believed then and still believe now that there’s value to it. Anyway, here we are. We’ll see how many people remember any of this a month from now, let alone in two years.

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One Response to The Housing and Community Development mess

  1. Jason Hochman says:

    This is similar to the things that I’ve always said. In Houston, the developers run wild, blocking streets, sidewalks, littering the streets with debris, putting giant metal plates down to fix the street. They create more impervious ground, which is the cause of more flooding. It’s not climate change causing flooding. This is why you can’t get any HUD grants, but of course, you will blame Prestone Bush. You are fiscally and structurally irresponsible, and also convicted of promoting segregation by HUD.

    In a similar topic, I have been reading that in Miami, where people are more intelligent, they are suffering a severe case of buyer’s remorse over Chief Acevedo. I’d been saying he was incompetent, but the peasants in Houston just can’t believe it. I called up Miami council and told them no refunds, and no returns, unless the lousy county Ogg files a petition for rendition to put Acevedo on trial for killing the Tuttles and their dog.

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