Election Day 2021

You know what to do.

Find a voting location in Harris County near you here. You can vote at any location. If you prefer a list, here you go. I suspect that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already voted or have a plan to do so today, but you never know. I’ll post results tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Election Day 2021

  1. David Fagan says:

    11 days and counting……

  2. While I hope I am wrong, I predict today will be a disappointment to Democrats. IMHO, progressives have dragged the Democratic Party too far to the left, alienating some traditional, mainstream Democrats. As Democrats, we CAN implement some social reforms and support historically marginalized groups WITHOUT taking extreme, radical positions. In addition, we really need to start focusing on the core issues important (and popular) to the everyday voter (e.g. reducing crime, fighting inflation, infrastructure, healthcare, education). In Texas, we also need to be strong on border security (only support LEGAL immigration). If the Democratic Party doesn’t move back to the center soon, next year will be a disaster.

    Anyway, let’s just hope for the best today. For more, please read my post on HarrisCountyDemocrats.com (see below). Thanks.


  3. Frederick says:


    Help me out here. I don’t think Harris County has any partisan positions to vote on today. Just constitutional amendments and school board trustees.

    How do these non-partisan positions figure into most of what you referenced above?

  4. Frederick,

    Sorry for the confusion. My primary focus yesterday was on the Democratic Party’s chances in Virginia and New Jersey (two very blue states in which we should easily win). As it turns out, we lost in Virginia (both the governor’s race and the state house) and the race in New Jersey is still too close to call. These are two states President Biden easily carried last year. Frankly, Republicans are portraying all Democrats as “radical leftists” and that message IS working for them and costing us support (especially in the suburbs and with older, Hispanic voters). I urge Democrats to view yesterday’s election results as the canary in the coal mine, or we will lose big next year. Again, just my opinion – and we all have one.

  5. Bill Daniels says:

    McCauliffe’s problem was, he pushed his white leftist base too hard. Those white VA voters, many of them government workers, are OK with the narrative that white people are bad, transgenders are good, whites need to be more marginalized in society for the sake of ‘equity’…..they’re OK with all that, but McCauliffe pushed things too hard. For instance, the teachers of VA, pretty sure that’s a dependably left demographic. Apparently, they’re 80% white. So they’re OK with promoting the left’s social agenda, but Terry flat out told them he wanted to replace them with non whites. Suddenly, it got real personal for those liberal white teachers. How many reliable D votes did Terry lose just with Virginia’s teachers?

    And then he repeatedly went after the parents, which again, normally would be an appropriate message for a government heavy voter constituency, but he pushed too hard. The Loudoun County rape of a female student by a transgender, the school board coverup, and subsequent arrest of the girl’s father for complaining about it, and the subsequent backing by Terry of the school board against the parents, was just too much, even for reliably left voting whites to take. Suddenly, the pro-trans message that would normally be embraced by those parents got personal. They started empathizing with the guy whose daughter was raped. It got personal.

    Terry pushed issues that normally would rally the left’s base too hard, brought the consequences of those things to their logical conclusion…..current D teachers losing their jobs in the interest of diversity, and actual consequences from trans bathroom policies.

    Youngkin did a good job of rallying his base, but the election really was lost by McCauliffe, it wasn’t won by Youngkin.

    I think that’s Greg’s point here.

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