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Straus wins in HD121

Ah, well. It was always a longshot, but we were playing with house money. This is a long-term investment. Getting good people to run is the first step. Kudos to Rose Spector for being willing to take that step, and to Charles Soechting and Sue Schecter for their assistance.

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One Comment

  1. Dennis says:

    Yes, her comments are heartless, but look at her resume, as outlined on her web site. Is anyone surprised?

    Community & Civic Involvement

    * Rick Perry for Governor – Collin County Co-Chairperson, 2004
    * George W. Bush for President – Collin County Co-Chairman, Strikeforce Captain New Hampshire & Kansas City, 2000
    * Rick Perry Statewide Steering Committee and Collin County Chairman, 1998 and 2002
    * Carevan Coalition of Collin County
    * George W. Bush for Governor Campaign Collin County Co-Chairman, 1994
    * Collin County Volunteer of the Year, Republican Party of Texas, 1994
    * Texas Federation of Republican Women, Ten Outstanding Women of Texas Award,1993
    * Texas Association of Counties Resolution Committee, 1991
    * Texas A&M Aggie Moms Club, 1990-93
    * Delegate: National Federation of Republican Women, 1989
    * Texans for Bush Statewide Steering Committee, 1988
    * McVeigh Award, Outstanding Republican of Collin County, 1988
    * Collin County Republican Convention Secretary, 1988-92
    * Texas Federation of Republican Women Convention Delegate, 1988-00
    * PESH Sidekicks Booster Club and Panthers, Inc., 1986-88
    * City of Plano Capital Improvement Program Co-Chairman, 1984
    * Collin County Community College Petition Committee, 1984
    * National Republican Convention Host Committee, Dallas, 1984
    * Prior to 1984 Phyllis served on boards that include United Methodist Women, PTO & Girl Scouts.