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Dems to put forth their version of HB2

Inside the Texas Capitol brings us this interesting tidbit:

The word on the street is that the Republicans’ committee substitute for HB 2 will come out Monday night. The Democrats will wait 24 hours “to let the media digest it” then unveil their plan, which will include broader tax relief and more money for schools. No one expects that the Democratic plan will pass, it’s just something that Democrats will use to attack HB 2, which Dem’s say is more about property tax relief than improving schools.

This is excellent politics. The state GOP has all kinds of constraints on itself here, mostly due to its stubbornness regarding taxes. Putting forth an alternate proposal that recognizes reality and doesn’t try to play fast and loose with funding would serve as an excellent club with which to hit the actual House Bill 2 while demonstrating that the Democrats have the capacity to do more than criticize. Of course, it still has to be an appealing plan, but ItTC seems to think it is. We’ll see.

Other commentary on HB2 that’s worth reading comes from Rio Grande Valley Politics. Meanwhile, Latinos for Texas has some more on State Rep. Eddie Rodgiruez’s income tax proposal, for which they are working to get a hearing from Rep. Kent Grusendorf, Chair of the Public Education Committee, and Save Texas Reps has a press release from the Mexican American Legislative Caucus that sharply criticizes HB2. Check it out.

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One Comment

  1. kevin whited says:

    Broader tax relief AND more spending?

    As a longtime supply sider, I’m for it! Sign me up!

    I’m so glad to see my friends on the Left endorsing an economic theory they’ve long opposed AND calling it smart politics! 🙂