Texas blog roundup for the week of February 21

The Texas Progressive Alliance wishes a Happy Presidents Day Mattress Sale to all who celebrate as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff informs you that Ken Paxton has added another State Bar of Texas complaint to his collection.

SocraticGadfly offers up a trio of politics and voting posts from last week. First, nationally, he called out a major Green Party person for hypocritically mocking the Movement for a People’s Party. Second, regionally, he wondered why North Texas Dems couldn’t round up a challenger to Michael Burgess. Third, locally, he talked about how one leftist of some sort does his primary voting in a semi-rural “red” county.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Robert Rivard ponders DeLorean’s future in San Antonio.

Texas 2036 shares the results of their fourth Texas Voters Poll.

Murray Newman reviews the contested criminal court primaries for Democrats in Harris County.

Raffi Melkonian analyzed the ridiculous Fifth Circuit opinion (and the fire-breathing dissent) in the matter of the United Airlines employee vaccination mandate.

Finally, as more of a PSA, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has a page for assistance with delinquent property taxes or past due mortgage or HOA/Condo fees that was passed as part of COVID relief.

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