Texa blog roundup for the week of August 15

The Texas Progressive Alliance weekly roundup is not classified as Top Secret and thus can be safely taken home with you.

Off the Kuff takes a look at some more in depth polling data about attitudes towards abortion in Texas.

SocraticGadfly saw the obits news last week, and immediately remembered Michael Badnarik as “Mr. Driving Without a License,” and gave the 2004 Libertarian presidential nominee a “proper salute” for that and more.

Stace gives us his Thoughts on Viernes about the FBI raid, Abbott’s Human Trafficking bus, and Beto’s MF’in comments.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

G. Elliott Morris reassesses the landscape for Democrats following the Kansas abortion vote.

Mean Green Cougar Red warns us about the threat to monarch butterflies.

Juanita finds some more ridiculousness stemming from the A**x J***s lawsuit.

Your Local Epidemiologist has a plan for the upcoming school year.

The Texas Living Waters Project says that the bipartisan infrastructure bill will provide a bounty of funding to help us deal with our growing water problems.

The Houston Press finishes off its Houston Bucket List with some honorable mentions.

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