Ken Paxton keeps trying to kill the SAISD vaccine mandate

On brand, always on brand.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed another petition seeking to reverse a Bexar County judge’s decision that rejected the state’s bid for a temporary injunction to block the San Antonio Independent School District’s staff vaccine mandate.

Even though SAISD’S vaccine mandate remains on pause despite the court’s ruling in its favor, Paxton said he will “continue fighting for medical freedom.”

“Nobody should be bullied, coerced, and certainly not fired because of their COVID-19 vaccination status,” said Paxon in his announcement, adding the decision is not only an affront to individual liberty, but “illegal under Texas law.”

“The governor’s executive order specifically protects workers from the type of mass firings that San Antonio ISD is seeking, and I will continue to fight in court to defend GA-39 and Texans’ medical freedom,” he said.

The petition was filed Sept. 7 with the Texas Supreme Court.

An SAISD spokeswoman said in a statement that the vaccine mandate remains suspended and that no employee was ever disciplined for refusing to get the vaccine.

See here and here for the previous updates. There’s a recitation of the long history of this legal saga in the story if you want that. I remind you that this mandate was never enforced and remains on pause, not that these things matter to Ken Paxton. The appellate court ruling that Greg Abbott doesn’t have the power he claimed to have when he forbade these mandates seems pretty clear to me, but you never know what SCOTx will do. Now we wait to see if they’ll take this up.

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2 Responses to Ken Paxton keeps trying to kill the SAISD vaccine mandate

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Joe Biden himself declared the pandemic is over.

    When the war is over, POW’s are supposed to be freed. Attacks, threats, and hostilities are supposed to cease. This is what Texas is demanding from SAISD……ending their threat to fire those who refused to submit to the injections.

    Whichever side of the war you happen to be on, when the war is over, you’re supposed to stop attacking the other side. Paxton is demanding SAISD lay down their weapons and stop threatening the uninjected. Without a formal withdrawal of the SAISD threat, what are employees supposed to do 2 years from now? 5 years from now? It is a threat that never goes away; it is the sword of Damocles.

    The divisions and distrust created in America by coercing and forcing Covid injections is already a rift that will not soon heal; continuing a war that even Biden says is over isn’t doing anything for healing and reconciliation.

  2. Ross says:

    Bill, there’s nothing wrong with SAISD’s mandate, since it identifies the people too stupid to be allowed to teach or work for a school district.

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