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Mustache restored

You may recall the case of the painted mustache, in which The Virtuoso, a statue by David Adickes of Giant Presidential Heads fame was painted without his permission. Via blogHOUSTON, it appears that Adickes has taken matters into his own hands, and restored the cellist’s mustache to its original white. A blog called Baboon Pirates has a photo that apparently ran on the Chron website yesterday, but he did not capture a link and I can’t find any trace of it via either Google News or a search. I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime, if you drive past the Lyric Center downtown, you can see that balance has been restored to the Force. Good for you, David!

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the picture, which was taken by the Chron’s Larry Reese. Dwight sent me the photo URL after I emailed him and inquired about its existence.

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  1. Anne says:

    Yeah, the picture ran yesterday afternoon on and had the blurb beneath it that El Capitan reprinted, but there was no link to anything. I checked the paper today and couldn’t find anything in there, either. But I did see it on yesterday, like El Capitan did!