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Start your weekend off with a little Blogger Radio

I’ll be on BizRadio 1320 at the usual time tomorrow (circa 10:15). This time, the plan is for us to pull into the Costco parking lot (Costco is on the way home from Olivia’s swim lesson) and let Tiffany and Olivia do a little shopping while I sit in the (hopefully more quiet now that it’s not driving on the freeway) car and do my talk about the week in blogging thing. As you can tell from last week’s show, a little less background noise on my part would be a big improvement. I figure Houston’s Super Bowl disappointment and perhaps the continuing “Freebird!” saga may be on tap this week.

Also on tap is Anne’s radio debut, since Kevin is off sleeping in the wilderness (some people call that “camping” – I’m one of those people who thinks that having broadcast channels only counts as “roughing it”) where there’s no cellphone reception. Tune in tomorrow and hear what we have to say.

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  1. TechBlog says:

    Pajama time! Bloggers on the air

    I’ve never been around an AM radio to listen to this at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, but if you’re interested in Houston’s blogging scene, it might be worth giving Blogger Radio on 1310 AM a shot. Usually the…

  2. Alex R. says:

    Dear Kuff,

    Having my name listed under GOOGLE, this comes up…it was a mistake, HUGE mistake for me to post under my full name.

    It cost me a job–since you handle the site, can you please remove my name? thanks. Alex.