Texas blog roundup for the week of May 8

The Texas Progressive Alliance had a brief craving for tea and crumpets over the weekend but it seems to have passed in favor of the weekly roundup.

Off the Kuff celebrated the Senate candidacy of Rep. Colin Allred, as well as the opening list of his potential successors in Congress.

SocraticGadfly notes that work is about to start on a new Chisos Lodge dining room at Big Bend and discusses details of that, as well as some recent trail work, and other, undiscussed things the park needs to do.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Slacktivist gets honorary Texan status for the week for his deep dive into the recently passed Senate bill mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in public schools.

Bayou City Water Keeper launches its “Justice in the Sewers” hub.

The Observer argues that mental illness shouldn’t land you in jail.

Jef Rouner wants more TVs in public places like waiting rooms to be tuned to “chill” channels.

Juanita is also happy to see Colin Allred take on Ted Cruz.

The Texas Signal reports on Allred’s big fundraising haul following his announcement.

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