Weekend link dump for June 11

This story about two women at a small Division III school who saved their college’s golf team even though they were both non-golfers is delightful and a little deranged. Ray Ratto’s summary is also a hoot.

“The 14th Amendment particularly has implications which were very much by design that go beyond the fate of post-war ex-slaves. It essentially creates a thing we now take for granted, the status of citizen of the United States. It also has implications beyond things the architects of the amendment could have conceived of. But there are certainly concrete things that are totally clear about it and the other Civil War amendments if you spend even some basic time understanding why they were created, what they mean and what they meant to accomplish.”

“Her loss of faith in the biblical literalism and patriarchal values of her childhood was coming in the way the movement’s adherents had always warned it would: through exposure to people with different experiences and points of view. Those people just happened to be her daughter and her husband.”

“The Bad Thing Henry Kissinger Did That You Don’t Even Know About”.

“Over 400 years, experts say, the South has reinvented itself more than any other region in America, from slavery to the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement. It’s gone from a lawless Colonial frontier to the country’s fastest-growing region. And yet, despite its constant change, the South has always stayed violent.”

“The report begins by presenting both real-world and Hollywood statistics, emphasizing what most of us already know: there are too many guns, and the prevalence of violence is negatively impacting our children. Unfortunately, Hollywood’s portrayal of gun violence is not helping the situation.”

“One thing these new laws do not take into account is that the 12 federally recognized tribes in Montana have historically recognized multiple gender identities, including transgender identities. Most Indigenous peoples recognize multiple gender identities that are believed to be the result of supernatural intervention.”

“A small but growing group of researchers is fascinated by an organ we often take for granted. We rarely think about how agile our own tongue needs to be to form words or avoid being bitten while helping us taste and swallow food. But that’s just the start of the tongue’s versatility across the animal kingdom. Without tongues, few if any terrestrial vertebrates could exist. The first of their ancestors to slither out of the water some 400 million years ago found a buffet stocked with new types of foods, but it took a tongue to sample them. The range of foods available to these pioneers broadened as tongues diversified into new, specialized forms—and ultimately took on functions beyond eating.”

“Your Reminder that “AI” Will Just Flat-Out Make Things Up“.

What a 100 MPH fastball looks like when it’s coming right at you.

“According to an SEC filing from late Friday, Disney’s set to write off about $1.5 billion following this streaming purge.”

Robert Hanssen, disgraced FBI agent/Soviet spy, has died. Not everyone deserves an “RIP”.

RIP, Astrud Gilberto, Brazilian singer best known for “The Girl From Ipanema”. I read this comic in a “Peanuts” collection as a kid and it took me years to get the joke.

RIP, Roger Craig, former MLB pitcher, coach, and manager, three time World Series winner, teacher of the split-fingered fastball to many other pitchers.

“Either way, in less than a year, the Saudis went from disruptors to forcing a complete capitulation that laid the PGA Tour’s moral high ground to waste. From top to bottom, they own professional golf now. As was probably the intent all along, everyone else is just along for the ride.” That is unfortunately good news for a certain former guy. And if you don’t like it, there’s no clear alternative out there.

Putting it another way: “McIlroy and the rest of the PGA loyalists learned a very valuable lesson about modern sports (or modern life) on Tuesday: If you do not sell out, someone will sell you out.”

“Ben & Jerry’s has shown through its actions that American companies have the ability to make a different and better choice when their workers want to unionize.”

RIP, George Winston, Grammy-winning pianist and guitarist.

RIP, Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, better known as WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik, and also an iconic presence on Twitter.

“Fox News Wednesday notified Tucker Carlson’s lawyers that the former prime-time anchor violated his contract with the network when he launched his own Twitter show on Tuesday, according to a copy of a letter obtained by Axios.”

Pat Robertson is dead. See above in re: the use of “RIP”. This is the kind of obituary that man deserves. And his thoroughly toxic legacy will long outlive him.

There goes Cracker Barrel.

“Yes, powerful people get away with a lot. But if you commit crimes repeatedly and brazenly you’re very likely to get charged with one or more crimes, particularly if you’re in the public spotlight.”

Ted Kaczynski and James Watt are also now dead. It was a heck of a week.

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  1. Flypusher says:

    I 1000% agree in withholding the RIPs from people who made the world a worse place as a result of their lives.

    As for the PGA, Tim Miller has some good observations. It’s rough seeing bad guys win:


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