Weekend link dump for July 16

“Fox Faces FCC License Threat Over False Election Claims & Jan. 6 Attack”. Actions have consequences.

Speaking of which, Disbar Him.

“Nearly two-thirds of all physicians reported being harassed over COVID-19 advice.”

“WNBA players have long lagged in earning power compared with the NBA, and that has often meant having to leave their families to take offseason work overseas, leaving them to navigate child care and secure enough funding and sponsorships to sustain their careers. To address that, two WNBA players — Breanna Stewart of the New York Liberty and Napheesa Collier of the Minnesota Lynx — are founding a new professional women’s basketball league to give top players an option to play domestically in the offseason.”

“Musk’s ultimate problem is that he does not value any Twitter user that doesn’t pay the company in some way. Those yet to stump up for Twitter Blue are, at best, freeloaders, or at worst, people ideologically opposed to him and everything he stands for. He — like Reddit’s Steve Huffman — believes Twitter to be the owner of the content on Twitter, and that those using Twitter should be grateful that they get to access the website at all.”

Some thoughts on Hugo Award nominations from John Scalzi.

Even Trump Judges Are Ruling in Favor of Trans Rights”.

“We are social scientists who study the relationship between science and society. Through our work, we’ve noticed more scientists seem empowered to advocate for a wide range of policy issues. We’re interested in how the surge in science activism may be changing the norms of scientific research.”

Dylan Crews is a mensch.

“A cultural revolution has been sweeping through the U.S. Army—and the remarkable thing is it’s barely been noticed, as a deeper revolution had already taken hold very quietly. Starting this past March and continuing into the fall, all nine Army bases that are named after Confederate generals have been, or will be given, new names more in keeping with American values and the look of the U.S. military today.”

James Lewis, the only person convicted in connection with Chicago Tylenol murders, has died.

“The historical relationship between economic data and consumer surveys is broken”.

On the life of William “Billy” Hoy, one the first Deaf players in MLB history, who was for his career and much of his life called “Dummy” because of his deafness. He was not the only MLB player to carry that unkind nickname.

“Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta—the creators of AI language models ChatGPT and LLaMA, respectively—for stealing information from her book The Bedwetter, according to a pair of lawsuits filed Friday in a U.S. District Court.” She has two co-plaintiffs and others, possibly many others, may follow.

RIP Twiga, oldest Masai giraffe in captivity.

The world’s tiniest violin is still way more than he deserves.

RIP, Jimmy Weldon, actor, voice actor, children’s TV host, inspirational speaker.

RIP, Milan Kundera, novelist best known for The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Tommy Tuberville is a malevolent idiot.

“If coverage of legislative and judicial politics should be about the wielding of power, it should conceive of that power less as a game for insiders and more as an instrument that affects people in the real world.”

And speaking of the Court, its main character keeps on keeping on.

“Taylor Swift isn’t the only one rerecording classics. A wide range of musicians are heading back to the studio to retrace the past and reclaim ownership of their work.”

RIP, Belle Ortiz, educator and longtime advocate for mariachi music.

“I apologize for using my flatulence as a medium of public commentary in your presence.”

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