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Happy birthday, Juanita

I’m sure you remember the travails of Nooky’s, Sugar Land’s premier erotic baking establishment. Well, you’ll be glad to know that all of the huffing and puffing by some of Fort Bend County’s bluenoses (as chronicled by Juanita as only she can) has been for naught. Rich Connelly brings us an update.

[W]e asked the gals at Nooky’s if they’d been raided lately. Safe so far, [co-owner Charlotte] Daingerfield says.

“All these poor little ladies are all a-twitter,” she said. “One came in three or four times. She comes in, frowns, looks at stuff and shakes her head but doesn’t buy anything. I think she’s trying to get a petition.”

Three or four times? She knows pornography when she sees it, but you have to be certain.

Not all the locals are upset, though. Daingerfield noted that 80 percent of her customers are from Sugar Land.

“A lot of people see the sign as they drive by, slam on the brakes and come on in,” she said.

None, so far, with petitions.

Thank God for that. As for Juanita, she was treated to her very own, very special Nooky’s cake for her birthday last week. You can read about it here (scroll down to June 24), or you can just marvel at the picture, which I’d call not safe for work if I weren’t laughing so hard. Happy belated birthday, Juanita!

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  1. Thanks, Kuff! When I saw the cake, my first question was, “Where did they get the picture of me?” My husband, who can cut to the chase better than anyone I know, immediately piped up, “Where did they get a picture of you in THAT outfit!?”

    My friend Lisa provided the Nooky Ladies with my picture and they patterned it after the DeLaymobile “Spanky”

    The cake drew a crowd at the restaurant, that’s for sure.