Menefee running for re-election

Not a surprise, but still good to see confirmed.

Christian Menefee

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee said Thursday he will be running for reelection in 2024, citing increased attention to politics with the upcoming municipal elections and the primary election filing period beginning Nov. 11 as the reason for his commitment now.

“I want to make sure once they’re tuned in, they know I plan to keep serving,” Menefee said.

A Harris County GOP spokesperson said at this time they are not aware of any Republicans announcing an intention to file for the County Attorney race and that there is time before filing begins.

Menefee said some of his second-term goals would be “to continue to protect the county against these attacks from state officials” and to focus on consumer protection. He highlighted his office’s role in litigation such as the $20 million settlement from e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs after arguing the company deceptively marketed its products to children, as well as the county receiving $18 million from Volkswagen after the company used software that circumvented emissions monitoring.

Honestly, just keep on keeping on. Menefee has been a real bright spot, fighting the fights that have needed to be fought, and doing so with a good record so far (there are still a lot of appeals pending, and you never know how those will go). I thought Vince Ryan was a fine County Attorney, and Menefee has more than met that standard. If he wants to run for Attorney General some day, I’ll be all over that.

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