Weekend link dump for September 17

The problem with a TV executive saying “we’ve got to be careful not to overuse the content” is that they’re probably already overusing the content, or at the very least planning to overuse it.

Get ready for the war on no-fault divorce, coming to a state legislature near you.

“If you’re scrolling through your feed on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, and come across a post from an account that you’re not following, you just might be seeing an unlabeled ad.”

“But this broader take is something Republicans have piped up with quite often during the Trump years and after them: Anytime Dear Leader failed, it was because non-Republicans tricked or distracted or conspired against him. Trump has never been responsible for his own failures, which include getting caught attempting to extort the Ukrainian government, getting caught lying to federal investigators about highly sensitive nuclear and military secrets being kept in boxes in unsecured rooms of his for-profit Mar-a-Lago resort, or a pattern of promising to solve all of America’s problems anytime now, but possibly in two weeks, and seldom following up on any of it.”

Get those taxes.

RIP, Dennis Austin, co-creator of PowerPoint.

RIP, Charlie Robison, Houston-born singer-songwriter.

This is why some people like metal detectors.

Let them fight.

“Movements that can’t make positive arguments for their favored positions, even to friendly audiences, cease to be political movements properly understood and become something more like rearguard actions. They seek to use inertia, incumbency and stratagems to hold on to gains and do their best to avoid fights on the open ground of public opinion where at least incremental losses seem inevitable. That’s where anti-abortion, “pro-life” politics stands on the eve of the 2024 election.”

“HGTV Sells ‘The Brady Bunch’ House at a 9% Loss for $3.2 Million”.

“New York City’s pension funds and the state of Oregon sued Fox Corporation on Tuesday, alleging the company harmed investors by allowing Fox News to broadcast falsehoods about the 2020 election that exposed the network to defamation lawsuits.”

RIP, Zeus, pure-bred American Great Dane who was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s tallest dog.

RIP, Fernando Botero, painter and sculptor whose depictions of people and objects in plump, exaggerated forms became emblems of Colombian art around the world.

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One Response to Weekend link dump for September 17

  1. Flypusher says:

    I’ve seen the Steven Crowder video. It is disgusting. Someone who is 8 months pregnant (with twins!) is undergoing a whole lot of physical stress. A decent human being is going to realize that, and not pick fights over stupid petty things, but there’s Crowder acting like a spoiled, petulant child. Because she wanted to use the car for grocery shopping? Why should she want to stay married to a jerk? I really want to hear these rationales for banning no-fault divorce being beneficial to women (the links in the article are dead ends, thanks Elon). I can see how they would benefit control-freak jerks.

    And regarding Trump can do wrong, Rep Ken Buck (R-CO) wrote a telling OpEd in the Washington Post. It started quite well, as he denounced the House GOP’s inquiry into impeaching President Biden, because they had no smoking gun. He debunked their beloved talking point of Biden getting Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired to prevent any investigations into his son. But since Republicans gotta Republican, he ruined his attempt at integrity with this bit of false equivalence: “The Democrats alleged that Trump called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to pressure him into examining the theoretical connection between Hunter Biden’s payments from Burisma and Shokin’s firing.”

    “Alleged” Never mind that there are actual tapes of Trump attempting that very act. An act that is illegal in more than one way. I’m still amazed at the GOP’s craven capitulation.

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