The Chron talks to some Mayoral candidates

You can find a bunch of Mayoral Q&As with the Chron editorial board here on this Mayoral Candidate Questions page. All of them also include a brief video of the chat, with the following Mayoral candidates so far:

John Whitmire

Sheila Jackson Lee

Lee Kaplan

Gilbert Garcia

Robert Gallegos

MJ Khan

As of Friday afternoon, they had not published a Q&A with Jack Christie, but I assume one is in the works. I’m glad the Chron took the time to talk to these candidates; I’m curious as to how many of the seventeen total hopefuls they will do this with. Along those lines, I’m a little puzzled why they took the time to talk to these candidates.

A parody of the National Anthem may not be what voters attending Thursday’s mayoral forum expected to hear, but it’s what mayoral candidate David Lowy delivered as his opening statement.

Instead of “rockets’ red glare” and “bombs bursting in air,” the candidate – dressed in a leopard print jacket and gold-rimmed sunglasses – promised to “bring fun to this town” and “make a smile from a frown.”

By the time Lowy finished his song, audience members were either applauding or staring in disbelief. Regardless, it was a performance they would never forget.


Being provocative isn’t the only way for trailing candidates to set themselves apart. Annie Garcia, a lawyer running for mayor, is staking her campaign on public backlash over the state takeover of the Houston Independent School District (HISD).

“On November 7, use your first vote to send a message,” Garcia said in her closing statement at Thursday’s forum. “Vote for Mama G, and we’re going to get Greg Abbott the hell out of HISD.”

Even if she does not win, she hopes her campaign will send a message to the next mayor that the issue cannot be overlooked. The mayor, however, has limited powers when it comes to education.


Kathy Lee Tatum, another mayoral candidate in attendance, played directly to the emotions of the room, noting her own struggle navigating Houston with a disability.

Despite her limitations – a consequence of her arthritis – she said she and her husband constantly have to assist people whose wheelchairs have fallen into potholes or uneven roads and sidewalks. This point drew applause from attendees who said they had experienced similar problems with accessibility in Houston.

Respect to Kathy Tatum for addressing a badly overlooked issue, one that I’d like to see other Mayoral candidates address as well. I’d point you to her webpage but she doesn’t have one and her campaign Facebook page is bare bones, to say the least. Garcia, who was in the crowded 2020 Democratic primary for US Senate, is also discussing a serious issue, it’s just that it’s one she couldn’t really do anything about as Mayor. As for David Lowy, maybe try open mike night at the Mucky Duck sometime? I dunno.

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