Weekend link dump for October 8

“Indeed, the Saudis have taken multiple steps to prop up the Russian economy since the beginning of the Ukraine war, picking up the slack created on various fronts by the imposition of Western sanctions.”

“Microsoft reportedly discussed selling Bing to Apple just a few years ago, and if the deal went through, Google would have no longer been the default search engine on iPhone.”

“The fact of this school, its very existence, seems to show Hagee and his Cornerstone congregation hedging their bets. The Rapture is imminent. We are in the Last Days and the End Times. Bible prophecy is crystal clear on that point. Or maybe not. Just in case, let’s spend $100 million fixing up the campus for our K-12 school, enroll all of our children there, and ship them off to college so that they can get good jobs and donate back to CCS as wealthy alumni who, we hope, will one day enroll their own children there as well. And their children’s children too.”

“Fans of ‘The Simpsons’ will appreciate cromulent (a synonym of acceptable or satisfactory) invented by that show to describe embiggen, another Simpsons-ism that already appears in the Merriam-Webster.com dictionary.”

“More than two dozen actors from the “Potter” films have died in the two decades since the franchise began, most recently Michael Gambon.” Quite a few on that list I didn’t know about.

RIP, Tim Wakefield, former knuckleball pitcher mostly for the Red Sox.

“If you come for the knitters, you’re going to get the needles.”

“Don’t Let Zombie Zoom Links Drag You Down”.

“The Sick, Racist Message Behind Why Trump Chose That Particular Gun Store”.

“Dianne Feinstein wasn’t always right. But she used her tenure as SSCI Chair to ensure there was a document of the torture done in our name. That legacy deserves respect.”

“Reminder to Everyone Who Forgot This Week: Kevin James’ Career Is an Embarrassment”.

Podiumgate. That’s it, that’s the link.

“A young man falsely accused of being a federal agent posing as a neo-Nazi by Elon Musk and a bunch of other right-wing trolls has launched a lawsuit against the one-time richest man in the world.” The attorney representing him is Mark Bankston of Fort Bend, who successfully sued A**x J***s.

Congratulations to Katalin Karikó for her Nobel Prize in medicine. Shame on the University of Pennsylvania for trying to claim a share of the credit for that.

“Returned Asteroid Sample Canister Contains Way More Asteroid Than Expected”.

More on Podiumgate, the most entertaining state-level scandal, non-Texas division, going on right now.

“Voter rolls are becoming the new battleground over secure elections as amateur sleuths hunt fraud”.

“The myth of Sam Bankman-Fried evaporated within moments of meeting the real deal. He was no genius, no mogul in any way that could last. I wanted to feel sorry for him, but instead I was angry that it had gotten this far.”

“Here are some questions about how the [House of Representatives] moves forward in the absence of an elected speaker, with answers from legal and congressional experts.”

“If the property value of Mar-a-Lago is so much higher than it was appraised, will you be amending the property value in line with the Trump family’s belief that the property is worth well over a billion dollars?”

RIP, Dick Butkus, Hall of Fame linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

I really hate it when people in my hometown act like giant immature assholes. Can we please get them arrested for disturbing the peace?

“Whoa—You Have GOT to Read This”

RIP, Charles Porter Jr., Houston’s first Black television reporter.

RIP, Watchers On The Wall, premier fandom site for Game of Thrones.

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3 Responses to Weekend link dump for October 8

  1. J says:

    As it is Sunday, I would like to share a comic about the godawful Sunday shows. From one of my favorite cartoonists, Jen Sorensen.


  2. SocraticGadfly says:

    Actually, Russia was doing fine on its economy on its own, and the sanctions made it BETTER in some ways. Says who? World-renowned, Texas-based economist James K. Galbraith. https://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2023/05/no-sanctions-havent-crushed-russia-its.html

    Oh, and that’s the same Betty Crocker of San Francisco who openly supported snooping on Americans, hating Palestinians and other things. Let’s not “normalize” her.

  3. Flypusher says:

    I’m very glad that Katalin Karikó preserved. A big problem in science is the incentive to play it too safe. You get the breakthroughs from daring to do the “risky” research. But lots of agencies don’t want to fund it. The discovery of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) provided a valuable tool for research (it was so useful in many experiments I did) and like this mRNA work, ended up as Nobel-worthy, but the original discoverer ran into the same “it’s not grant-worthy” roadblock and passed his data to other researchers so that the work could continue.

    Penn is so like those hypocritical GOP Congresscritters who voted against the Infrastructure Bill, but hype its benefits for their constituents. Totally shameless and worthy of backlash.

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