Weekend link dump for October 29

“This is a horror host show, a broadcasting format that’s been around since the 1950s. Horror host shows feature zany characters who introduce a B horror movie. They screen the film interspersed with bumper segments, originally to lead in and out of commercial breaks, but now often used to break up the movie and make jokes about it. Today, the format has taken many different forms, from nationally syndicated TV specials to streaming platforms to TikTok.”

“Those experiencing domestic violence are facing a reality where an inability to receive reproductive care is also further endangering their lives, new data shows.”

What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Understand About College Sports“. I mean, he doesn’t understand lots of things about lots of things. And in this particular case he has a lot of company. Consider this your semi-regular reminder to be extremely skeptical about anything this guy says.

“So, what are the consequences here? Nothing concrete — not the loss of power or influence, surely. Not legal repercussions, ever. Consequence is not felt by the fathers, who get exactly what they bargained for to their last breath. And it isn’t really felt by the children, except insofar as they are given the world while being denied only one thing — their father’s love — and thus being doomed to a comfortable, unsatisfying existence. No, when it comes to the lives of the 1%, the real consequences are felt by the rest of us, living in the world of bad drugs and media filth these titans have created and then left behind.”

“SAG-AFTRA clarifies that yes, fine, actors’ kids can dress like Spider-Man“.

RIP, Esther the Wonder Pig. Click the link if you have to ask, or if you don’t.

RIP, Bobi, world’s oldest dog.

“A Brief History of Baseball Games Take Too Long”.

“Our nation has experienced a tremendous spike in firearm deaths just as gun marketing made a transition from selling firearms for hunting and sporting to marketing highly lethal, military-style weapons to civilians, including children. That marketing is supposedly aimed at adults, but the platforms those influencers appear on, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, are largely populated by kids.”

“[Rep. Ken] Buck isn’t exactly an honorable man or a good legislator. That’s not surprising; it’s been some time since the GOP has been a party in which honorable people, or good legislators, are at all welcome. That means that opposition to Trump, within the GOP, has to come from people who are compromised, unserious, downright evil, or some combination of all of those things.”

Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.

“A New Way to Inspire People to Get a COVID Vaccine”.

“Well, if we’re talking about people who won’t stop bringing up the past, perhaps we should reacquaint ourselves with how Timberlake spent literal years dragging Spears through the mud for his personal and professional gain.”

“So-called “pause ads” — they only turn up a few seconds after a viewer has decided to halt the programming, and not every time one does — are seeing new movement in the streaming world, with the format appearing more frequently on Hulu since July, according to Josh Mattison, senior vice president of revenue management and operations for Disney Advertising. Pause ads are also in motion in venues such as NBCUniversal’s Peacock and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max.”

RIP, Richard Roundtree, iconic actor best known for the Shaft movies and TV show.

“Senate Confirmation Is a Recipe for Politicizing Military Personnel Policy”.

“The absolute, undeniable baselessness for that 2022 panic offers a lesson that America seems incapable of learning. That means poor Dr. Best is doomed to continue being the Poisoned Halloween Candy Guy until he retires and passes that title along to some younger apprentice.”

“Groups seeking to keep President Trump off the ballot next year notched a key legal victory this week, after a Colorado state judge sided with their view of an arcane but critical question: Does Congress need to do anything for Trump to be disqualified under the Constitution’s Disqualification Clause?”

RIP, Rock Brynner, son of Yul Brynner who had a pretty darned interesting life.

RIP, Richard Moll, actor best known as Bull the bailiff on Night Court.

RIP, Matthew Perry, actor best known as Chandler Bing from Friends.

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3 Responses to Weekend link dump for October 29

  1. Flypusher says:

    Concerning the the KrazyKracken lady, it seems that post plea deal she was still begging for $ with stolen election lies:


    It’s a fair question to ask: is she really that brazen or just more careless and sloppy? I’ll agree that DA Willis should give her a warning for now, but if she persists the deal does need to be rescinded, especially if more people plead out. Powell needs to quit while she’s ahead.

    Also, if you are sending $ to Powell, and you’re not a friend or relative, you are an idiot and deserve to lose it.

  2. Jason Hochman says:

    Very nice article about the horror host. Of course Elvira is perhaps the most famous. But the article doesn’t mention Chiller Theater, hosted by Chilly Billy, which aired on the Pittsburgh NBC affiliate for 20 years on Saturday nights. It was so popular that it preempted Saturday Night Live for several years, before pressure from the network forced the local affiliate to air only one movie after SNL aired.

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