Weekend link dump for November 5

“The practice of using land for both agriculture and solar power generation, known as agrivoltaics, is becoming increasingly common in Texas and nationwide.”

Everything Elon Musk Broke in the Year He’s Owned Twitter”.

“From Tehran’s perspective, an informal alliance with Russia is ideologically and historically odd, but it is strategically enticing.”

You are not, in fact, the granddaughter of the witches they couldn’t burn”.

“In a major analysis in Africa, the first vaccine approved to fight malaria cut deaths among young children by 13% over nearly 4 years”.

Fifteen rock bands and solo artists that put out albums in 1973 and 2023. I managed to catch Peter Gabriel at the very end of his “I/O” tour, and man was that an awesome show.

RIP, Frank Howard, giant-sized slugging outfielder mostly for the Washington Senators.

“However, there is evidence of resilience among the devastation – sprouts emerging from the scorched soil and the black and green mosaic of the mountains. The recovering ecosystem in this off-the-beaten path national park serves as a reminder of the threats to the US’s wild places and offers lessons about how to protect public lands in an era of climate crisis.”

“As Trump runs for president again — and leads in every GOP primary poll — The 19th is examining allegations of sexual misconduct against him and others in his orbit.”

“Johnson’s whole career has been steeped in the religious right’s priorities“.

“All of which is a long way of saying that Ellis was wholly unequipped to contribute to Trump’s legal strategy, but eminently qualified to toddle along behind Rudy parroting his insane election lies. Which is more or less exactly what she did.”

“SEC charges SolarWinds CISO with fraud for misleading investors before major cyberattack”.

“The Commerce Department is implementing new policies to prevent the work it does to boost exports by US companies from assisting in the sale of surveillance technologies to repressive governments.”

This is exactly why women need more pockets. We’re saving lives.”

“And hearing that story, they will be surprised to learn that one of the very few white folks on the Good side of it was a foul-mouthed, foul-tempered, flamboyantly not nice man named Leo Durocher. Durocher’s suspension under baseball’s “morality clause” invites — almost demands — that those hearing this story contemplate the warped and stunted understanding that passed for “morality” in white America in 1947.”

“Here’s All The People Who Have Flipped on Trump (So Far)”.

Gotta say, the whole Michigan sign-stealing thing is pretty funny.

RIP, Bob Knight, famous college basketball coach. Charlie Pierce has some high-quality words to say about this man as well.

RIP, TK Mattingly, NASA astronaut who was scrubbed from the Apollo 13 mission for having been exposed to rubella, then flew on the Apollo 16 mission and commanded two space shuttle flights.

“Sam Bankman-Fried loved risk, and he loved to gamble. He knew that if he went to trial, there was a chance, however small, that he might walk away a free man. Pleading guilty meant guaranteed punishment, and probably prison time. And so he chose to gamble, not only with his own life, but with his parents’.”

RIP, Peter S. Fischer, co-creator of Murder, She Wrote and writer on dozens of crime series such as Columbo, Ellery Queen and Murder spinoff The Law and Harry McGraw.

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