8 Day runoff 2023 campaign finance reports

The last campaign finance reports for the year are the 8 day reports for the runoff elections. These were mostly filed on Friday, so let’s have a look at them. The 8 Day reports from November for the Mayor’s race are here, the 30 Day reports for the At Large races are here, and the 30 Day reports for the district Council races are here. All of the reports I have collected for this cycle can be found in this Google folder.

Candidate     Raised      Spent       Loan     On Hand
Whitmire   1,783,437  2,995,793          0   3,318,439
JacksonLee   498,414    341,575          0     235,189

Hollins      330,956    161,689          0     315,346
Sanchez       82,897    127,089    198,128      56,592

Ramirez       50,422     41,130     20,000       8,241

Hellyar      185,984    169,364          0      44,891
Davis         21,930     11,654      1,500      13,874

Cantu         30,210     15,106          0      38,723
Carter       108,330     92,589      4,000      79,191

Plummer      208,115    182,046          0      26,069
Morales       11,288      1,092     21,979      16,844


Huffman      158,550    170,111          0      44,782
Buzbee        48,945    312,261    850,000      60,457 

Castillo     130,870    124,171     10,000     113,505
R-Revilla     22,420     30,262          0      41,974

Melanie Miles, Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, and Travis McGee did not have reports filed as of Sunday afternoon when I went looking. They may get filed today, or they may have been received by the City Secretary but not posted yet. Check today and see what you see. CM Evans-Shabazz had some other issues to deal with, so who knows.

I said in my post about the 8 Day Mayoral reports that John Whitmire was in position to dominate spending in the runoff, and, well, you can see for yourself. I continue to see a bunch of Whitmire ads, both online and on TV. (He has run at least one ad during The Golden Bachelor. Jokes about the Houston electorate and Whitmire himself are left as an exercise for the reader. And yes, I know this from firsthand experience.) I have finally started to see some online ads for Sheila Jackson Lee, but suffice it to say that the ledger remains way out of balance. Jackson Lee did pick up a key endorsement over the weekend, so there’s that. (Some context for you young’uns who don’t remember any Mayors before, like, Annise Parker.)

A question that I have been asked more than once in recent days: Will Jackson Lee file to run again in CD18 if she falls short in the runoff? My best guess is that she will, but that is just my guess. I will remind everyone that Amanda Edwards and Isaiah Martin have raised a bunch of money in that race already. I would still make SJL a favorite, but that would be two elections in a row where she faced better-funded opponents. Maybe she won’t want to do that.

As far as the other citywide races go, I continue to see ads from Chris Hollins, mostly on Facebook and Instagram, and lately I’ve seen some from Twila Carter on Facebook. I’ve seen one or two from Letitia Plummer but can’t remember where. I believe we’ve received some mail from Nick Hellyar, but I’m not always on top of the snail mail before it gets put into the recycling bin.

That said, we have definitely gotten a bunch of mail and door-hangers from both District H candidates. Cynthia Reyes-Revilla has been heavily criticized for sending out a homophobic attack piece against Mario Castillo; she has lost at least one endorsement because of it. I was told there was an anti-Revilla website , presumably put up by the Castillo campaign, which might have been the impetus for the mailer. I didn’t find such a site on a cursory Google search, but even if one existed that’s a line that should not be crossed. I’m really disappointed by this, to say the least. I do not vote for candidates who engage in that kind of behavior, and I hope I have a lot of company in that.

All I can say about District G is thoughts and prayers to everyone there, who must be able to heat their homes for the winter with all of the mail they’ve surely received by now. If they had fireplaces to burn them in, anyway. It’s almost over, y’all, hang in there.

That’s it for now. The financial activity from the last week of the campaign and the days after the runoff will be reflected in the January reports, and I of course will have them when they’re posted. Until then, go vote if you haven’t already.

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12 Responses to 8 Day runoff 2023 campaign finance reports

  1. Manny says:

    SJL also picked up the endorsement of “Little Joe.” May not mean anything to you, but to us old Chicanos it does.

  2. C.L. says:

    Pancho Claus would have a better chance of winning than SJL does.

  3. Manny says:

    A white person with tens of ethical lapses is always better than a person of color, especially a woman of color to C.L.

    Didn’t you say something similar about County Judge Hidalgo, C.L.?

    Adrian Garcia, I don’t like his hair. Ain’t that what you wrote C.L.?

  4. C.L. says:

    Manny, the only thing you’ve ever gotten right about me is my general dislike of Adrian’s shellaced coiffure.

    I’m rubber, you’re glue.

  5. Manny says:

    Every time you state a fib, I will point it out. You can deny but all of what you have posted on this forum is there to find.

  6. Manny says:

    C.L., in this one article, you show who you are. A MAGA person.


  7. C.L. says:

    LOL. Rhetorically asking about Lina Hidalgo’s qualifications six years ago doesn’t make me a MAGA rep.

  8. David Fagan says:

    Manny, C.L., please take some time and have some self reflection, breath deep and let it go.

  9. Time for a JOKE: Did you hear that the SJL campaign screwed up and aired a commercial indicating the runoff election date was 12/7 instead of 12/9? Ouch. Looks like another SJL staff member is about to get cursed out…


  10. Manny says:

    C.L., you gloss over what you said about the other two women of color. Like I stated you seem to have something against people that ain’t male and white.

    David, keep praying that Whitmire will deliver for you all if he wins.

  11. Manny says:

    Greg that often happens in campaigns; there is no harm done. Only kids and some idiots make a big deal about it. Oh, look, the grammar is wrong. Yet some people who call themselves Democrats vote for the orange jesus, regardless of the grammar.

  12. I agree that screwing up the election date isn’t a big deal. I was just joking that her campaign staffers are probably hiding under their desks waiting for Sheila to come give them a “pep talk” about it…

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